Wednesday 25 March 2020

I'm a VIP!!

And right now, this is what my life feels like!!

Translation of the title, I'm a Vision Impaired Person !!

Thank goodness I learned to touch type, I just hope that I'm hitting the keys that I think I am because once they're typed the picture I see on the screen is  a bit out of sync!

The latest injection is being slow to correct the weirdness that developed over the past two months - it's a bit like looking at a very badly sewn piece of patchwork where none of the seams meet!

It's now the second day of Lockdown and I'm happily in my own little bungalow with Dvorak playing.  

Here's the view from my bathroom window, a favourite place to contemplate as I can lean on the windowsill which is above the heated towel rail, and I am such a chilly person!

I've moved the old wooden piece of "furniture" , it's a sort of trolley, to sit in the dip in the garden where there used to be a very big avocado tree.  Sadly the tree died and had to be removed.  I've also concocted my own gadget for the birds to have access to water and they're loving it.  Very high tech, I used an empty plastic container for one of my favourite frozen meals, shepherd's pie, put in some washed stones and filled with water.  I noticed some birds bathing in it so put another one out yesterday.  At the same time I pass on any left over food and a spoonful of bird seed.

Also my garden is now flooded with sunlight which the plants are loving; my neighbour on the north side suddenly decided to trim some plants, when asked I gave her the name of the company that removed my tree and the next thing I knew, the noise of saws was flooding the neighbourhood and lo and behold, not a tree or bush was left standing.

Including the old pohutakawa that over the years had been a joy and a bane; it attracted the tuis, shed blossoms and shaded the whole area. There's now a five foot treetrunk left beside the fence - which has one small shoot - time will tell if it manages to regenerate!

I'll leave you now with a photograph from Phil who has just heard he has a booking on the ferry returning tomorrow from a holiday touring the South Island - no doubt I'll be sharing more of his work with you.

Here's Phil's capture of Cape Farewell and my quotation for today is " Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get." Proverb

I'm tempted to ask if there's anyone out there! but no matter what, I'm enjoying talking to you again.  Take care,  and be safe.


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Gill said...

Hello June,
Loved your post. I'm sitting waiting for a phone call to be answered and I'm sitting at my computer desk, scrolling through blogs when I found your lovely post. I hope your vision issues are not too disabling. Love the photos you share and your tales from your corner of the world. I'm lazy and post pics in instagram rather than write a post in a blog. We've been in isolation since March 12th ... thankful for a large garden which we are already able to get out and work in. Rain forecast today, so that's a free day to spend in the sewing room :) Be well June,
love Gill (Mississauga)