Friday, 25 October 2019

A joy shared is a joy doubled!

I just love that curved line of foam left by the waves - somewhere along the Wairarapa coast - taken of course by Philip, who is loving his happy place after nearly one and a half years.

I looked at the web site of Capital Quilters this morning, and found they are still giving a link to this blog - oh dear - so I am inspired to post something to say thank you.

A friend on Facebook has put up a post, you know the sort of thing "so and so has challenged me to put up a book I recommend" - there's no way I can resist joining in - books have always been such a big part of my life, I can't remember when I couldn't read - how about you?  I used to read in bed to my sister, a couple of years older, and my brother, four years younger; sometimes with a torch under the covers in the mistaken belief that Mum wouldn't know!

Birthday presents were always books, and when I got a bit older my big brother - 11 years older, would take me on the bus into Chichester to
W.H.Smiths so I could exchange my book tokens - a task that took me hours!!

My first contribution on Facebook was "The five people you meet in heaven" by Mitch Albom - sad in a way but full of hope.  I scored it ten out of ten in my book diary.  I've kept one since 1970, least ways that's the earliest I can find now.

Remember the kumera in the mug? here's what it looks like now -

 Looks great, doesn't it?

I've had a big tidy up in the sewing room and now of course, can't find anything! well, just the little case with a see through top I thought I'd fill with fat quarters and take along to the next meeting, see if anyone will pay a modest price, and I can give the proceeds to the Foundation for Blind and Low Vision - what do you think?

I join a couple of friends most weeks for a chat and coffee, lately we've been going to Mitre10 in Petone which is on the flat and has lots of parking - they also have very tempting things to buy!

I thought I was buying a coleus plant, my late husband grew them in the glasshouse so there were always several round the house. 

I don't think this is one, but it just keeps growing!  I've taken cuttings for my friends which have produced roots so quickly. 

You know me, can't resist a spelling error - well, this was in the local supermarket and I'm sure the reference to the mis-print is about the price !

Or is it a new flower?

So it's time to go now for a late lunch, but leave you with another of Phil's amazing photographs, to mirror the lovely lines of the first one, and the question, "Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that's the stuff life is made of." Benjamin Franklin

Thanks for reading my blog.


Nancy J said...

I am sure the case of fat quarters will go so fast, you need to take more than one. And a great way to distribute the cash. Love those photos. My cataracts are progressing like a quilt on a long arm frame at a very fast rate. I now peer at my laptop from 6 inches, road signs a total blur, but the hospital says I do not qualify, sadly they have increased your qualifying number from about 53 at the start of the year to a now whopping 60!!! No idea how the number is calculated, but mine is now 59!! Go figure that out, millions are being spent on transgender operations, not that they are not necessary as well, but eyesight is, in my eyes( pardon the pun) the most valuable sense of all. How are you doing down there? Maybe we will get to catch up one day when we visit grandson, nearly the end of the first year of a MSc degree.

Peter parker said...
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