Friday, 29 December 2017

Season' s Greetings!

Thanks to my son, Phil, for this great photograph of the full moon - like our quilts, so much planning goes on before you get the result you want.

Christmas Day was spent with my family and I thoroughly enjoyed myself - once I got over the fact that I'd forgotten the cheese which was my contribution to the 'nibbles'  - I remembered the wooden plate, turned by my late husband, and the fancy knives and the crackers but the cheese was left behind!
                   Not to worry, my dil had plenty in the fridge...

Good choice though to have turkey this year; all that glorious, warm weather disappeared so it wasn't the right conditions for a barbecue,  luckily I had my beautiful "30% alpaca shawl" on hand so I was happy.

Please bear with me as I'm having problems with accessing photos from my phone,   I am working on it and then I got side tracked after Phil sent instructions on how to send photos from mail to Photos, providing I use Safari which I haven't done for ages - fascinating to see all the sites I used to visit.

You know how I love to find spelling mistakes, well this was off a film I was watching -

And this photo is off an episode of White Collar, a crime series I enjoyed on Netflix - no spelling mistakes, I just love the shape of the building.

Isn't that fantastic ? somewhere in New York, I seem to remember it was a museum...a modern quilt pattern, perhaps?

Medical update - I am not having any further treatment for the cancer, the surgeon is confident he removed 99.9%, so no chemo or radiation!  How fortunate is that?  Bad timing though, I am a big, big fan of Christmas food especially mince pies and Christmas cake and they're still off the menu, which is good for my waistline.   I did, however, bake a cake the day before yesterday.  Just decided I could manage something very plain, I could remember the recipe off by heart it's one I used regularly as a pudding when the boys were young, from my Good Housekeeping's Cookery book - called Canary Pudding - 3oz butter, 3oz sugar, 5oz flour, 1 egg & milk to mix to which was added whatever flavourings you wanted.  The favourite was mixed spice and sultanas.

Should I decide to make another, I'll have to lash out on new scales - it's been quite a while since I did any baking, or anything that needs weighing ingredients, and it showed.  I can probably use the remains in a trifle...or two...

It feels good to be back talking with you, I'll leave you with another photograph - truly the land of the long white cloud -

and the thought that "Well begun is half done. " Aristotle

Thanks for reading my blog,