Sunday, 16 February 2014


This is about how I feel inside - big ups and downs lately.  The publicity following the New Year honour has brought letters and cards from far and wide - friends from long ago including someone who had the flat under ours back in 1960! how great it was to make contact again!

There was an amazing ceremony at Arohata Prison when prisoners and staff showed their appreciation to all of us involved in the programme.  I was just so sorry that many of the quilting tutors work full time and couldn't come along to enjoy the speeches and singing of the kapa haka group - including members of my class who hadn't breathed a word on the Saturday, we had been told it was for afternoon tea with the Manager.......'s no good - I have lots more to talk about with you, but  I can't do it tonight - on Friday I had to make the call and ask the vet to come round to euthanase Floyd.  She was so kind and gentle, both with me and Floyd and I know it was the right thing to do but I miss him so much.........

You can understand that I couldn't resist this little scrap when he chose me at the SPCA way back, January 1998,

Taken just before he became so ill, rest in peace.

We'll talk again soon