Wednesday, 25 February 2015

A Quilter's Eyes

What a glorious sight!  Sunrise over Lake Tarawera - Phil is away on location, he's back cast driving, this time for Pete and the Dragon so we'll be getting more like this, I'm sure!

I thought starting with this was better than my original idea -

one of my rare selfies!  That was a delicious cup of tea - after the first cataract operation - and at the risk of turning this into a medical blog, I'll just say that I think it's a truism, we are all so different - one person's experiences can be light years away from another person's take on a similar event - just like giving birth............ I've had both eyes operated on for the cataracts, also scans and now procedures for macular degeneration in my right eye - happily the wet kind, one down and two to go and with amazing help from my family and lovely friends, things are coming back to normal.

I've been to quilt meetings, and at Capital Quilters there was this interesting top -

So simple when you analyse the pattern, but most effective.    The unusual block of the month,

Constructed as a nine patch with a sew and flip to make the star points, I think.  I remember being told many years ago that blue was the most popular colour for quilters, I wonder if it still holds true.

One of my quilting friends is a fan of steampunk and the lovely lady made a decorated notebook for me - using insulation tape for a great result -

Isn't it gorgeous?

I haven't done much stitching since November, but have done plenty more knitting - hibernating in my little office with the blind down, watching dvds on the computer, making more blankets for use in pushchairs.


oh dear, maybe its been too long, can't seem to get the photos to go side by side........anyway, you get the idea.  They're about two foot square, quite cosy and as I used acrylic yarn, easy to wash.

Before I post next time I shall make a few notes of things I want to share, I am finding that the current programmes on TV are not hitting the spot with me - too much gratuitous violence and just plain nastiness - and there's enough of that in the real world........maybe I'll starting watching old movies again, or get back into reading now that I have new glasses!

The worst part was not being able to drive.......oh my word, that was not much fun.

So, some more beauty - how about a foggy morning?

and then there's the beauty in catching the moment - Phil was photographing in Island Bay, just over the hill from the city in the opposite direction to the Rapa when he saw a tui, also known as the parson bird [for obvious reasons] feeding on the flax - the bird took off........

Enough for tonight, time I was off to bed - great to chat again and the very apt quotation is, "Old age takes away from us what we have inherited and gives us what we have earned," Gerald Brenan

Thank you for reading my blog,
Take care, June