Saturday, 14 May 2016

Good to see you!

What a glorious burst of colour!  Photograph taken by Phil at Cape Palliser recently.

Last Sunday was the meeting of Quilting on the Bay as well as being Mother's Day, and the view from our meeting place is beautiful - this is to the north,

 and this to the south

and the quilt is the one with drawings on calico that my granddaughters did quite a long time ago and which I am now concentrating on finishing the quilting so it can be used this winter!

I've tidied my little office and have found some treasures, including old diaries - and I've wasted enjoyed many an hour reading through them.  Do you keep a diary?  It' s a good habit for someone with a bad memory, like me, as I learn better when I write things down; I suppose we  all have different ways of learning/remembering.

There were some beautiful quilts being worked on last Sunday -

Fyvie with her very scrappy, eye challenging top - she later put on another round of squares.

You can see there's plenty of good light and room for us to spread out.

I've been moaning lately about the dearth of good programmes on television; ages ago I was quite emphatic that I would not watch this awful "reality tv" - I meant the so - called competitions where people were abandoned in the wild to fend for themselves etc. anything less real would be hard to imagine - however, I now enjoy Dog Squad, Customs, Coast, Territory Cops etc. and I do wish they would make The Great British Sewing Bee, series 3, available - I so enjoyed the first two.

Something I have done is get more dvds, I have one series of Who do you think you are and a friend lent me more - Robert Lindsay's father was at Gallipoli - so much of the stories resonated with me, so I'm moved to continue research into my mother's family, one of her brothers died in WWI when he was just a teenager in the army.

I think this quilt was made by Janet, quite different from Fyvie's and a marvellous use of highly patterned fabric.

I came across this pattern recently on the internet and decided it looked familiar,

Some years ago I sat having a coffee in Wellington and across the road I saw a billboard advertising, I think it was an accountant.......anyway, I liked the look of the board, made a sketch in my diary, the paper kind, and interpreted it like this -

because I had a tin full of two and a half inch squares!

Talking of Mother's Day,  here is a link that I found of great interest.

I've been calling Mother's Day an invention of the Americans purely for big business to make more profits - how wrong can I be?

So, I'll leave you with another glorious photograph taken in the Wairarapa by Phil - nature in the raw, 

and the thought that 'Success is getting what you want - happiness is wanting what you get'.

Nice talking with you,
Thanks for visiting,