Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Patience carries a lot of wait...

Glorious colours from the south Wairarapa coast; I love this area with the row of trees, such interesting shapes in silhouette, aren't they?

How do you like my pun in the title?  I'm living it right now; last Monday week, I moved awkwardly and pinged a muscle in my lower back.  Rest and time are the only cures, so I believe, and I'm finding it difficult.  The good side is that I'm sleeping very soundly, maybe helped by the painkillers, so it's a matter of gentle movements and patience
which has never been my strong suit,

It's a good opportunity to catch up on sedentary occupations, so knitting and watching TVNZ on demand is filling the bill.

I couldn't resist picking a few of these, some sort of wallflower, I think, with a variegated leaf, but so good to have all that colour on the one plant and with the oh so variable weather, we can do with cheering up.

Wellington Quilt Guild has just had an exhibition, right in the city on the wharf at the Academy of Fine Arts - which I think is a beautiful venue, but then as a Wellingtonian and Life Member, I would!

Also as a Life Member I have the honour of awarding a prize, and it's completely up to me, I don't have to mark it or justify my choice.  To me, scrap quilts are the ultimate joy and hand quilting - though I do realise less and less quilters are doing so. 

This quilt just ticked all the boxes for me :-

Scrap definitely, it had such appeal and warmth that I wanted to wrap myself in it!  And such a surprise as the quilts were all anonymous, it was made by my fellow Life Member, Jane Dagger.

Another quilt I want to share is one that contains quite a bit of my fabric!  Made by a friend with whom I enjoy coffee and chat once a week, most weeks, in the colour wash style -


Bother, I can't remember what she called it, made by Jann Pearce that I do know! 

This is "Waste and Renewal III" by Fyvie Murray, our talented President - I just love those colours; somehow it reminds me of Art Deco...

After we'd picked our winners, a friend and I went for a short walk along the wharf to One Red Dog for coffee and a snack;  we chose potato skins, very tasty - though next time I'll ask them to put the dressings on the side; one was too spicy for me.

Time to watch "The Chase" and enjoy being able to answer a few questions, it also reminds me that its been a long while since I watched British TV, the celebrities are unknown to me!

So I'll say cheerio, and leave you with another of Phil's photographs,

great sillhouette - and I believe she was caught by a wave soon after!
And the thought that "The world is round so that friendship may encircle it." Chardin.

Thanks for reading my blog,

Monday, 1 October 2018

Just Do it!! Advice to myself...

How's this for a view from your window?  No wonder Phil loves being in South Wairarapa.

Had a few hiccups recently with my internet access and computer, do hope it's been sorted; it was a long frustrating story and I've ended up with not just one, but two desktop computers.  The old one "died" and then came back to life with the techie was installing the new one and I've now decided to change my supplier which should save me quite a lot of money. Fingers crossed...

There's lots going on in the local quilting world, great meeting of Capital Quilters on Saturday when we held a competition; several teams had been given a bag of fabric from which they had to make a quilt top.  They could pre-cut but no sewing until the meeting started and at least one piece of each fabric had to be used.     

http://capitalquilters.blogspot.com/  is the website, I'm sure they'll be posting photos of the amazing tops that were made - I was too busy rushing around gossiping with friends I hadn't seen for months.

This caught my eye from the crazy mom blog, bright cheerful colours and strings - I love that the strings are actually itsy pieces - and who doesn't have a lot of those.

I'm enjoying TVNZ on demand - re-discovering old programmes and seeing if I do still like them or have my tastes changed.  ER is standing the test of time; it was made in the mid-nineties when HIV was very much to the fore of hospital issues. Did you use to watch it?

Wellington Guild's exhibition opens later this week, as a Life Member I get to chose a quilt for my award which is always a thrill, and funnily enough not difficult; usually one jumps out at me when I walk around. 


A glorious sunset at the 'ponds' near Ngawi and the thought, "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." Mahatma Gandhi

 Thanks for reading my blog.