Sunday, 16 April 2017

Thanks for the memory..........

What a fantastic view!  Castlepoint Lighthouse in the distance and a local walking her dog, or rather having a rest after the climb maybe - Phil took this on a recent visit.  [If you like his photographs, he also has an Instagram account]

It's now lunchtime on Easter Monday and I've had my visit to a favourite cafe, the Seashore Cabaret in Petone, where I enjoyed a coffee and had some exercise - walking up the fifteen steps! I even have an App on my iPhone to record that I climbed one flight at 9.03 am,  and then I sat to catch my breath and regret all those years of smoking cigarettes.

I heard from relatives in the UK recently that the iconic Lifeboat house and slipway in my hometown of Selsey,  were to be demolished.  If you look at a map of England, Selsey is on the south coast, about half way along, just to the right of the Isle of Wight.  Coastal erosion has meant the slipway has had to be lengthened several times,

This is the original Lifeboat house and you can see the dip in the slipway where it's been extended - and yes, that's me proudly wearing my brand new coat, bought with the money I earned working all the summer holidays doing housework and babysitting for the 'Londoners' who rented the big houses during the summer months.

I just loved that coat - light green tweed - just look at those fancy pockets!  High fashion in 1949ish!

I notice several groups are making shopping bags- boomerang bags I believe, so they can be used to get groceries home and then returned for someone else to use...........I have a supply of bags in the boot of my car, all shapes, and sizes, and they are most useful.

So here's another blast from the past -

A bag making class in "Patchwork Annie" - great pattern this for carrying quilting supplies, including the quilt.  How trusting of me, bare feet on carpet with pins around!?

The garden is looking pretty good despite our recent wild weather, though Wellington suffered far less than other parts of the country.

I saw this on my way to work recently, gives new meaning to "moving house" -

This is on the corner section of the street, we watched the preparations and I did wonder when I saw that the roof tiles were being removed, then along came the big truck......we now wonder what will be done to the empty section.....

I've not done a great deal in the sewing line lately, though I did take another seven tops, plus backings this time, along to donate to the team who are turning them into quilts for one of the wards at Wellington Hospital.

Time for my lunch, so I'll leave you with another of Phil's photographs

a different view of the Lighthouse - I'm sure it's not only me who thinks that rock formation looks like a rabbit - or Easter bunny?? and the thought that "Those who follow the crowd usually get lost in it."

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