Saturday, 31 December 2016

I am what I think, so

nothing like some light and beauty to start the new year!   Another beautiful photo taken by Phil - some sort of grass I suspect, photograph taken on the Wainui coast.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I'd bought a new plant, well it exceeded my expectations and here it is -

and the view from the other side, a few weeks later -

I've mislaid the label and my h-a-h doesn't recognise it, so if anyone can help, I'd be grateful.

I haven't done much actual quilting but haven't forgotten the Venetian Dream quilt top needing a backing.  I've reluctantly decided not to take on another pet cat at the moment, so this will probably be the backing -

I have continued to knit, mainly baby blankets of various sizes. 

I enjoy doing them knitting from the corner;  I was asked for the pattern at a recent meeting - cast on three stitches, first row: knit into the back of the first stitch, increase in the second stitch by knitting into the front and back, then knit into the back of the third stitch.  Just keep on doing this, there will be one more stitch to knit on every row.  When you decide it's large enough, repeat the row but decrease by knitting two together through the back of the second and third stitches until you end with only one!

'Wrong' side on the left; I used a plain colour and a variegated, doing two rows of each.

I've mentioned the bear before - he makes a handsome model!

The internet makes so many things easier for lazy people like me; I was able to order a treadmill, talk to the technician who wanted to know how tall I am and how much I weigh ?? he then arranged delivery so no excuses from me, took me some while to get accustomed to using it.  I actually have friends who say they enjoy doing so but what I do enjoy is having it set up in the living room so I can watch my large TV - Netflicks your way to health, as my son put it.

I've enjoyed "Longmire" and "Shetland" and am now onto "White Collar" but while I'm on the treadmill I watch the last fifteen minutes of The Chase - a quiz programme I find quite entertaining, then it's the News - which I would happily ignore if I could..........

Saw something interesting on Longmire - true country-

I think it's about time I sorted through the music on my computer, I have it playing in the background and it makes me realise that's the music from way back, just listening to the words and realising they shaped my growth as a teenager, hmmm

A calm night on Wainui coast, at the beginning of December the same night that Phil took the first photograph.  The mountains are in the South Island, probably Kaikoura - which name now resonates with us all.

I'll leave you with the thought that "I hope for the willingness to live this year in a way that will be gentle to myself....."

Thanks for reading my blog,