Saturday, 20 September 2014


Sunset at Wainui beach - what a great way to say 'I'm back!'  Thanks to Phil of course for the photograph, and here's another in quite a different mood,  -

I'll brush over the intervening weeks since I last posted, apologise, and say that some of the winter bugs around are of the persistent kind, they hang around, very much the unwelcome guest!

I've been to a couple of quilt meetings, Capital Quilters meet on a Saturday afternoon and have some great blocks of the month,

That's a good response from members, enough for the lucky winner to make a good size quilt - how would you go about putting it together?  An alternate block maybe, a snowball for instance, or set on point with sashing to make a zig zag?....... so many possibilities!
And what about the block set to be made this month?

Merge like a zip! if only a few more motorists would learn to do that, particularly at the bottom of the Ngauranga Gorge - I've even had one nervous driver in front of me come to a complete stop rather than merge, grrrrr

The other meeting was Pinestream Quilters and that evening the speaker was Lee-Ann Newton - a quilter whose journey has been unconventional, do check out her site.

She showed several quilts, this one made of canvas - I said she is different!

Free standing segments - and touching was encouraged! as can be seen from the next quilt -

And now for something a little different, we had one day of glorious sunshine in the middle of several days of grey, grey weather - Phil captured Oscar in the garden -

There were member's quilts on show, including another Community quilt for someone who loves flowers -

The next quilt appealed because of the enormous variety of fabrics and the strong lines of the setting,

My apologies to the maker or recipient, I obviously didn't take notes - someone with a sense of humour, I think -

I've not done much sewing lately, I shall get back to it soon but have been knitting, another hat for a child and a pair of banana slippers which have to be seen to be believed! and when they are sewn up I shall show you - I'm sure you will all be clamouring for the pattern :)

To close, I want to share a quote by Ralph Emerson, "A true friend is somebody who can make us do what we can." and with a photograph taken some while ago by Phil on  a calm stretch of the Whanganui River.

Thanks for stopping by, it feels good to be back.