Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Spring is almost here!

The glorious colours of the rainbow never fail to amaze - photo by Phil taken of Wellington Harbour,  and in the garden there were some delights too -

The little kowhai is now attracting the tuis, they sit in the large pohutakawa tree behind and serenade me  - I just love the purple and yellow colour scheme here, but admit the photography is a bit unfocussed - my apologies.

It's an arty shot! I focussed on the pink one......very battered by all the winds but looking and smelling so good.  Check out the umbrella - guess who left it out during the last storm?  Big crash and it snapped right off - after that I even brought this pot of freesias inside for a short break.

Recently Phil took a trip over to the 'Rapa where the heavy rains had caused dramatic changes to the beach.

These terraces have been cut away by the rains, and the view seawards is quite different -

 - such beautiful shapes and colours, aren't they.

I've recently been watching Robson Green exploring his home county of Northumberland -[TV One on Saturday afternoon] and I'm very much enjoying it.  He's very passionate about the area, a part of England I've never visited but after this programme, should the opportunity arise, I'd certainly take a trip.

And talking of scenery, here's a quilt from the Information Centre in Alaska - a friend brought me this photograph knowing of my love for quilts - I should imagine it was a group project, I've googled it but found no more information.  It's certainly a great idea - I love the flying geese.

At a recent meeting of Pinestream Quilters, the speaker was Alison Pullar a member who has been living in Italy for the last four years.  She gave a most entertaining talk of life in Rome and showed this stunning quilt.

The design is based upon the floor mosaics found in many churches.

Also at the meeting was this beautiful embroidery, executed by our co-President, Petronella

Back to White Rock beach, further around the terraces were curved - it must have taken a lot of water to force these changes.

Also at the meeting was a scrap quilt that took my eye, so simple but really charming.

So delightful, a sashed four patch and a floral.......I'm mentally thinking about my stash.......

I've continued stitching my Mile a minute tops, two done and the third one almost, I'm putting sashing between the blocks, it's full of pins to keep the lines of sashing straight so has to be handled carefully!

I'm resisting starting anything new, though I did get out my Singer Featherweight today, brought it into the living room and put the light on to warm it up and it sews beautifully.

The early sunshine was swamped by clouds but did highlight one area for a while -

I'll leave you with this thought, "Things turn out best for the people who make the best out of the way things turn out." Art Linkletter

Thanks for reading my blog,
Be back soon