Sunday, 24 June 2018

Some Daily Bread

"The sky is the daily bread of the eyes"  Ralph Waldo Emerson

So, with these reflections in the rainwater ponds near Ngawi, we get a double helping.  I've been fascinated by clouds for a long time; I remember lying on the front lawn of the house I was born in, back in the UK, probably enjoying the scents of the grape hyacinths, watching the clouds, 'seeing' all sorts of pictures and making up stories about them.

Phil took this photograph recently.

The weather is milder today, very chilly yesterday with a heavy frost on the lawns though not enough to rescue the man-made ice rink in town.  It was supposed to be the venue for an ice hockey match but the final straw was the wind blowing over the fences.

 A Canadian friend, Gill, has posted photographs of the wild life in her garden, recently a chipmunk - not something we see in NZ unless it's the kind I saw on Facebook recently -

It's so cute- beautifully done [sorry I don't know the name of the quilter]

I had a birthday last month and this is the cake my family brought round -

Isn't it a beauty?

I will have to empty out the vegetable basket more often; I found a sprouting kumera the other day, not sure if it is advisable to eat it when it's sprouting, so I popped it into a container -


a mug I gave to my late husband -  I think it's a perfect container.  Since I took this photograph it's grown considerably!

I went to a meeting of Capital Quilters recently and was again impressed by the number of quilts shown, these took my eye -


Half square triangles are a big favourite; I've made several quilts setting them in different ways though it's difficult to beat Barn Raising.  

The simple looking squares are actually pieces of needlepoint tapestry, or maybe commercial tapestries, either way, it's very effective.

Something about the cute little foxes is hard to resist - though my sister who lives in the UK and keeps chickens wouldn't agree.

The last quilt I know as Inner City - really beautiful.
I came across this little book when looking for something else in the bookcase recently, as one often does, and wonder who else remembers them?

 Funny though, I was sure the School Journals were around when we came to NZ back in 1958, if so how could this be No. 1? Maybe I'm confusing it with another publication.

There's a delightful story called "Yuck" by Marilyn Duckworth and the traditional poem about The House that Jack built...this is the cat, that killed the rat, that ate the malt that lay in the house that Jack built...etc.  I think my ggd will love that one!

I'll leave you with the thought, "Let us go singing as far as we go; the road will be less tedious." Virgil and one of my favourite - heck, they all are - photographs Phil took on our recent road trip around the south 'Rapa.

From a distance, I thought they were buttercups, not sure what they are, just beautiful!

Thanks for reading my blog,