Tuesday, 6 August 2019

I Think I've been here before...

What amazing colours!  Photograph courtesy of my son Phil, now a  resident in the Wairarapa for over a year - and while I'm mentioning time and dates, I was astonished to realise that it's been eight months since I last posted.  Time for the re-birth, perhaps?

It's been mainly various health issues that have been my reason for not posting more often, but hey, I'm fortunate, still above ground and managing to keep warm - I find layers work well.

Last week I attended my first Craft morning under the auspices of the Blind Foundation; my specialist eye doctor registered me with the association and they are just fantastic - not that I'm blind, maybe won't be, but definitely of lower vision than I was.  

My front garden looked just beautiful, check out all these plants -

I've enjoyed going to Capital Quilters Meetings, held on a Saturday afternoon in a local school hall means easy access and good parking - not to mention the coffee shop nearby where I can buy fruit cake, actual dried fruit in the cake - delicious!  

Recently a couple of quilts caught my eye, 

so much there to catch the eye of a child, and

I wish I had made notes because this fascinates me - I'll see if I can find out more and let you know.  Have you ever seen a design like this?

So much that is just awful seems to be happening all round the world, was it my generation that let things get to this state?  I'm not a millennial, was born just before the second world war; maybe we just left everything to the government without realising they were people like us and not the fount of all wisdom.  I find it quite odd that I'm once more doing fashionable things like mending, and re-using and taking my own shopping bags to the supermarket - heavens when my sons were small, there were no supermarkets locally.  I know, it's a different world...

Time for afternoon tea, the last piece of nutty bread baked by my granddaughters and a cup of herb tea.  I'll leave you with another of Phil's photographs, [not quite fifty shades of grey],

and the thought, "The artist finds a greater pleasure in painting than in having completed the picture." Seneca.

Here's to the next time,




Nancy J said...

Hello June, so good to read your words. I, too, have eyesight problems, the gurus say the cataracts have not reached the stage where I qualify for surgery.It all goes on a points system!!!And I am so reluctant to pay privately. Love the garden, the scenery and the greys. Keep warm, I think of my friends in the far south, Naseby, Lindis Pass, and further south as they struggle with minus degrees and a LOT of snow.

Ali Honey said...

Lovely to have you posting again June. That grey photo is so special. Diminishing eye sight is really annoying.
I too remember the time before supermarkets; plastic and before sliced bread ( which is proving to be not as great as thought because of the packaging it requires.)
Stay warm .