Sunday, 29 July 2018

Trees and clouds in the south Wairarapa, photographed recently by Phil, not far from where he now lives.

I'm sure many clever words have been written about putting off doing things, I just love this one - courtesy Bonnie Hunter, quilter extraordinaire -

After I posted the last blog, I was so enthusiastic to get back into communicating with everyone that I started sorting out photographs - then I thought, no, don't rush into it, leave it a few days, people don't want to get too many - that was four weeks ago...     We'll see...

It's been a busy time; I've been invaded -  by ants!  I'll spare you the photographs, sufficient to say I've never seen any ants in this house and I moved in late 2000.  I saw a few - haha - on the kitchen bench, my granddaughter googled ants and raided the kitchen cupboard for cloves which we put along the window ledge...

Next morning there were thousands marching in lines from the front window, up to the top of the wall and along to the kitchen, crossing over the end wall, under the window etc. etc.  I grabbed a lemon from the dish, cut off one end and drew lines - the ants simply walked around the juice.

An sos brought the rest of the family, complete with a tube of ant repellant, we used my masking tape - usually for holding down the quilt sandwich - and dotted the sticky stuff around the rooms.  Next day there were no ants to be seen, but I'm keeping a watchful eye...

As I mentioned last time, the kumera is doing very well -

with a little help from the wooden horse.

 I missed the quilt meeting last weekend, but do have some photograph to share from the previous meeting - and my sincere blanket apology, if you'll excuse the pun, no names were recorded -

 I wish I'd spoken to whoever made this, fascinating - see that almost nine patch at the top?

 Very modern, big pieces - I'm a fan of straight line quilting.

 What do you think? for a much loved family member?

 Great how the touch of red and subtle green add so much to a black and white quilt, imho!

This I do remember as it was made by one of the Shut-in Stitchers, DTU.  Good to see, I really miss going in to teach at the prison; they could use more volunteers - hint, hint!

Did you see the list published by the Washington Post of the  latest alternative meanings, my favourites are: balderdash (n), a rapidly receding hairline and lymph (n),  to walk with a lisp.

I'll leave you now with the quotation, "Don't mistake activity for achievement," John Wooden  and a photograph of the Wairarapa, east of Masterton.

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Nancy J said...

New words give me a smile, and the SIS's quilt, that is a beauty. Great landscape pics, did he manage to get the lunar eclipse?

Leeanne said...

Fabulous photos! All the quilts are lovely. ANTS..........I can put you onto a spray I have found very helpful.