Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A stash buster

I have driven past this house many, many times and thought the carport looked like a pattern for a quilt -

and I was right, because checking out some blogs recently, there was a pattern.  Now I am sorry I can't remember whose blog, but if you are interested you could google the name - 

or this one

It is a glorious sunny, windless day - yes indeed, Petone is calm - I am pampering myself today trying to get rid of the dreaded cough.  The medicine I got from my doctor looks like the liquid I drained from my worm farm - it tastes foul too but it usually helps - more than the comment from the nurse who said that people were talking of the Hundred Day Cough!!

I sat in a sheltered spot in the garden earlier and got a good dose of sunshine - what more can one do?

I thought I would share the development of one of my recent scrap quilts.  I have been using two inch squares as starters and enders for years and have made one large quilt using the resulting 4-patch blocks. For a change I cut strips of calico and sewed the pre-cut squares onto them, turned them into 4-patch and then dug into my box of larger squares to make up a double four patch- then it was play time!

Did I like the centre?
That's better, but what next?  It still looks clunky, what about -

Now I prefer that, so - borders, how about some tie dyed or batik - search the stash, and came up with one and a dark border print too

I had fun piecing it, and more of my stash has been used constructively - a win - win !

Yesterday I spent some time making sleeve protectors for my son for when he is in the workshop, 

I was about to cut some more from this old fabric when I noticed the 'bite' taken out of it - just like one in an earlier post.  All will be revealed soon!

Thanks for visiting and for your comments, I have been told the first plant is a heliotrope - thought they only came in purple! but no takers with the second one, so I shall keep searching.

A thought for today's bloggers -
 "Look, then into thine heart and write!" Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

We'll talk again soon


Jenny said...

That's a lovely quilt June, isn't it great what you can do with those little bits of fabric!

Kayjay in New Zealand said...

I really like the last layout June. It's like stepping stones.. and it gives me an idea too. I was given several Jinny Beyers charm squares a few years ago, they're a bit plain but in amongst some scrappy florals like this ... I'll give it a go.

LaDonna and Diana said...

It's amazing what you can do with little squares! Beautiful quilt, June!