Monday, 8 August 2011

Climate change?

 One solitary anemone in the succulent pot, if you click on it you might even see the tiny spider web.
 I will keep my eye on it - it is an anemone isn't it?

Over the last year or so I have noticed the clouds - yes well, one does - what I really mean is that I keep finding myself studying them and seeing the most incredible formations.  Last year when I flew back to NZ from Australia, as we approached dear old Wellington we seemed to be flying beside a mountain.  Awesome is such an overused word, but it truly was - this huge, enormous, monstrous cloud - I could count the layers, it was like folded fabric or rocks - mind blowing.  I so wished I had not switched off my iPhone so I could have taken a picture.

 You can see what I mean - imagine you are up in a plane.......

 Like this little one, sort of puts it in perspective, doesn't it? 
My son was on his way to pick me up from the airport and was as impressed by the scene as I was - and he had his camera.

Something to impress of a different sort is the state of my house over the weekend!  From the sublime...........  I will be teaching my 5" squares class on the 13th and had rather put off sorting out samples, which were just dumped into the suitcase after the previous class.

I had been tidying my sewing room, ahem, sorting scraps and finding they have been breeding, plus working on a new quilt so there was no room to spread the samples and rearrange them -

So I took one of my three ironing boards, the other two are under the piles of quilts in the front of the picture, and commandeered the living room -

The hand quilting was pushed aside, I am making good progress - the exercycle is handy for attaching a small bag with my knitting in.  Eventually the living room was restored to normal, but the sewing room ........ I am so lucky I can just shut the door and leave it!

When talking about the Jelly Roll, I mentioned that I might do some slashing to improve it.  I thought I would show you a quilt that was rescued by that technique.

Some time ago I went to a class where we sewed strips of fabric then cut them at an angle and rejoined them - can't remember the name - anyway, my choice of fabric was less than brilliant.  I thought to do 'pretty' delicate flowers and greens which just didn't come off.  So a friend suggested the slashing of the blocks and then I played with them and just love the way they twisted and turned.

See how lifeless the blocks were before they got the slash treatment
I used hot fabrics between the greens, and cool through the flowers

The whole quilt now
Sort of follow the colours through the maze.
A thought on Creativity - "And it will come to the question how much fire you have in your belly."  Oliver Wendell Holmes

Time for bed, nice chatting with you.


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