Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Puss in the Corner - in the snow?

I couldn't be the only person who didn't show a photo of the snow - and it truly is snow, here in Petone.  Or rather was, but there was great excitement for a short while!!  There's my lonely little anemone in the succulent pot probably regretting that it didn't keep its head down a couple of weeks ago and the basket of seedlings was given to me by the ladies of a Waiwhetu Church group after I had given them a talk on the Shut-in Stitchers of Arohata Prison.   Must put my wellies on and dash down the garden to plant them one day soon, though it is a bit of a bog at the moment - they are probably happier where they are.....

I really enjoy teaching my class on getting the best out of five inch squares, when I had no access to my main stash and was forced to use the squares - or stop quilting but that wasn't really an option - I often found myself looking at blocks and thinking, there must be an easier way!  And it wasn't just speed but often the blocks turned out to be more accurate - like this first one I want to share with you; Puss in the Corner.

I am sure you know the one I mean

It's perfect for five inch squares; one for the centre, another cut in four for the corner posts and two more, each cut in two for the borders.  And then you join all the fiddly little bits

So, I decided to sew first and cut afterwards - join the three squares that will be the borders and the corner posts, with the latter in the centre, like this

Now you slice it in four, it doesn't matter which you do first but I find to cut straight down through the centre block is shortest and easiest
 You can probably see that I have cheated, it is only folded - and then you cut the other way, horizontally and you will have four pieces to sew around the centre block using a partial seam

You are not fooled by the different fabrics I know, I have put a pin in where the partial seam is stitched and it is then quite simple to continue anti clockwise with the other three border/cornerstone pieces.

One of the Shut-in Stitchers had made several quilts, all from squares - set as a love ring - and refused to try anything else - until I showed her this and she was amazed to discover that all the seams met!

My sample top is called Bright Eyed Baby, let's just say it is not a restful piece!

I have been making quilts from squares for such a long time that it feels strange to be using chunks or long strips, but that is what I am doing now.

I have been tempted by the quilt Floribunda on Bonnie Hunter's blog  and here I am making half square triangles using a tool I had forgotten all about and making four patch blocks from long strips.

Yes well, the blog address should not have gone there - still lots to learn!! 
And here are a few of the blocks, using all sorts of plainish yellows and big vintage flowers,

Change of subject, can't think of a link except that I love quilting and also words and cryptic crossword puzzles - and in particular those compiled by Donald Harrison, an Aussie [which it helps to remember with some of the clues] and I couldn't help but think of the wide range of the clues he uses.  There was one, Tyrone might? and the answer was, Power.  How many people nowadays remember the old heartthrobs? I must check him out on YouTube - and the other clue was "Single seed holder in new music player? Answer IPod.

My thought for the day is "Go out on a limb - that's where the fruit is".  Will Rogers
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