Sunday, 28 August 2011

What's in your workbox?

Well, this is what's in the tin that sits next to my sewing machine -

I was looking for the little gadget to thread elastic or ribbon - didn't find it, but found all this plus  a layer of dust.
Don't you love that little Swiss army knife [top left] which is also a key ring; the scissors are dinky.  Lots of little brushes for cleaning the machines, not sure about the eye shadow bud, handy to have a pencil sharpener, but pegs and paper clips?  I think the eyedrops are from a symposium, and the hand cream - and those neat looking brass screws are out of the cardboard to hold curtain samples.  I am sure I will find a use for them someday - but when was the last time I put in a zip? and six pincushions?  This reminds me of the game where "all girls together" take out their handbags and see whose holds the most!!

Remember the lovely flowers I got to housesit for my friend ?-

They really were beautiful but are now down to just this -

Close up like that, it makes me think of Jaws or some other horror show!

Have you ever been to a class that disappointed you?  Oh dear, as a teacher maybe I am unwise to ask that question, however we can all improve so I will continue.  This was several years ago and one of the local clubs had some spare money so they brought in an overseas tutor - no names, no packdrill - isn't that the expression?

This person was advertised as the expert in strip piecing and I had been a fan of this type of patchwork since I started.   I had made a couple of quilts and some aprons  to try out changing direction I was really excited about being able to learn more.

I decided to use plain fabric for a change - at the class we were told to cut strips of various widths which took us until morning tea time, then we had to join them with a straight seam into long, long strips - that took us to lunchtime.

After lunch we started joining the various widths to make a piece of fabric - understandably this required a lot of ironing - where was the Gofer?  Oh my, she had set up her machine and was joining in..........

By afternoon tea time we still didn't have a useable piece of fabric and I was not in a good mood........ at the end of the class we were given a few photocopied patterns - spider web etc. etc. and told to use these to make templates using our 'new' fabric.

When I got home I tossed everything into the back of the cupboard with a few well chosen but unrepeatable words and forgot all about them.

Then I learned that Margaret Millar was coming over to teach at the Wellington 1993 symposium - I did say it was some time ago, didn't I?  I was interested so bought her book, resurrected the strips, finished them off and made some blocks using Margaret's basic techniques

This is my "Jungle of Delight" - and wasn't I lucky to have that border fabric in the stash I think it came from Evans - actually the colours are not quite right, the quilt is much more red/purple than blue - the bits left over went into the back -

Which I like very much, it reminds me of a 'modern' painting.

More recently a shop donated some fabric for us to use in the prison, in the carton was a large piece of bargello which none of the girls was keen to try to use, so one of my stitching group unpicked a seam to make two smaller units and I had great fun finding matching type fabrics from my stash and making two lap quilts ready to donate to one of the retirement homes around -

And this one

I hope you have been able to enjoy the milder, sunny weather over the weekend.

My thought for the day which clearly explains the number of UFOs around, - "The artist finds a greater pleasure in painting than in having completed the picture." Seneca

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Kayjay in New Zealand said...

Hi June
You always make a gorgeous quilt and so colourful. I wish I could just pick up fabrics and sew them together without agonizing over colours first.
The orchid is like Jaws. I'm waiting to see if mine will flower or if the snow has done some damage.

Jan said...

Hi June what a collection you have/had in your workbox-- must get myself one.