Sunday, 31 July 2011

Jelly Roll - my version

My cough is back, and this model is just in time for the International Film Festival - botheration!  There is no way I can go to the cinema in this state so I have borrowed a dvd set from the local library and am watching "When the Boat Comes In" which was made in l975! wow!  I am really enjoying it but have to stop saying to myself how young all the actors look!

Please can someone help with a gardening question?  My skills are limited, I really would like to know what these two plants are :-
It was a cutting given to me by my friend, the late Flora MacDonald who had the most amazing prolific garden and was so generous.  The plant is threatening to take over the bed, has an unusual habit of growing low then putting up large flower heads on stalks with the delicate tiny flowers.  Also if anyone in the Wellington region would like cuttings, I am happy to pass it around.

This was taken a couple of years ago, and the plant I would like to buy again is the lime green one in the foreground.  I had some 'help' in the garden and she pruned the life out of it so it never recovered.  I love the colour and would so like to get more plants, I keep looking at the garden centres but haven't spotted it yet.

I made a rash promise in kiwiquilters that I would show the top I made using the Jelly Roll technique featured on YouTube..  Well I watched the video, thought it looked like fun - but I have sooooo much fabric there is no way I would buy more.  I was under the impression that a Jelly Roll had twenty different fabrics, so I went to the cupboard and took the top twenty pieces from the blue pile, I then washed them -

that's my sewing room behind the washing line - then I cut a strip off each and sewed them as the video showed.
My measurements must have been off, some of the pieces were probably the old 36" size so the top is a great deal smaller than the ones shown.  I am debating what to do  - use as is for the back of a quilt, or do a slash and insert either straight or on the diagonal   - whatever I do it is a lot of fun but next time I shall join on the straight.

I had my granddaughters to stay for a couple of days in their holidays, we enjoy having lunch -lots of places in Petone to chose from, and then a fossick in the Red Cross second hand clothing shop.  They are raffling a quilt and were happy for me to photograph it - oh dear, the pedant in me, I do prefer the old spelling!!

And here is a close up of the label -
the hand is that way up because I flipped the photo so you could read it!

Last month I went along to the exhibition at Pataka, most Saturdays two or three of us go to Kaizen for lunch after we have been teaching at the prison, and there is always something of interest at Pataka.  This time it was Coastal Quilters and the Gear House pottery group - a most happy combination.

The quilt challenge was so interesting, so many different ways to showcase the challenge fabric.  I have Sue Bracken's permission to show her clown, Mr. Happy -

So I finish tonight on a cheerful note.
Talk again soon


LaDonna and Diana said...

I have no idea about the plants, but love your picture of fabric on the clothesline with your sewing room in the back!


Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Hi June
We recently watched "When the Boat comes in" again. We all remebered how much we had enjoyed it all those years ago. Isn't it great to watch a show with real dialogue? No cell phone messages that you are sposed to read as they flash them across the screen. No modern camera techniques. We are currently watching Munroe and the camera angles drive us crazy. You seem to forever be peering past blurry things in the foreground to see the actor behind. Oh dear that's sounding like a middle age rant!
Any way enjoy the series we did. In fact we have been talking about watching it again.

Yvonne said...

I too want to use fabric from my stash and thought I'd do mine all in one colour from lights to darks. I hadn't thought about how long it would take to cut up 40 strips plus the joining together so the 35mins is a bit of a misnomer

Your garden looks very pretty too.

Also I do remember your mixup of classes at Symposium and how we spent the day together.

Enjoy your blog and photos