Friday, 26 August 2011


I can't claim to be a keen gardener, I enjoy sitting in the garden, looking at the flowers and trees.  I love it that birds feed off the blossoms and the scraps I put on the bird table; scraps not being exactly accurate, bread, oats, over ripe fruit and a spoonful of peanut butter - not, I hasten to add, the delicious Pic's brand that I eat, but the gooey, bland kind you get from the supermarket.  In turn they make a mess of the plants under the table but they present me with many freebies - after all I am quite sure I didn't plant them all.

 One I do know I planted is this hellebore because it was given to me by a friend when I lived in Whitby and it is the only plant I dug out of the garden to bring to Petone - it had been sulking for nearly three years,  and has at last started flowering.  Perseverance pays off!

 I showed you the first four  blocks of my Floribunda quilt, well it is now complete as large as I am going to make it

I spent some time today looking for possible borders, after debating whether it needs one - I am still undecided but had a selection I considered -

I just love the cheddar, red and white - but it is way too strong and swamped the quilt, I am leaning towards using the batik - third from the left at the top, with a narrow yellow border -

The batik has lots of colours, it could work - or I could just bind it in the yellow - I shall sleep on it - but you are welcome to give your opinion.........

I do have the backing, in keeping with the use of vintage fabrics -

It's a painted gingham tablecloth

Sorry I meant to turn her the right way up!

And talking of backings, I found the chicken fabric I bought in the UK on my last trip - good heavens was it really as long ago as that?

Delightful fabric but not right for the rooster - so I have found some rather brash cheater cloth to use

Much more in keeping I think!

Mark Twain had a thought for the day that I can relate to - "Life does not consist.......of facts and happenings.  It consists mainly of the storm of thoughts that are forever blowing through one's mind."

Thank you for stopping by, we'll talk again soon.

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Jan said...

Cant go wrong with the Batik border June--will we see this top on Tuesday?