Monday, 30 July 2012

I'm a Mountain Lion!

But I'm not brave enough to get on the ferry in this weather -

This was taken earlier in the week as the ferry made its way towards the Heads and the South Island. Today I don't think you could have seen the ferry at that distance, the clouds were down on the hills and the rain has been persistent.  

The Mountain Lion is on my now upgraded computer and I am having fun with all the improvements.

I had occasion to go to Kilbirnie a few days ago and happened upon a new shop - a quilt shop yet! with a delightful name, Stitchbird, and there I spent some time talking with the delightful owner about vintage fabrics, furniture, art jewellery and Apple computers!  

And I found this fabric......... I haven't bought much these last few years, but if you knew my background  you would understand why I couldn't resist this.

And so beautifully wrapped -

here is the amazing fabric -

Did you know I trained at Portsmouth Commercial College to be a shorthand typist?  So now you understand -

It is such a special fabric being linen and cotton, it has a lovely feel [and smell!] - and I haven't a clue what I shall do with it!  Maybe a lampshade, or a bag - yes, I did say bag.  Quite surprised myself at the use I am getting out of the pink elephant bag I made recently; I have even promised one of my granddaughters that I will make her one; her fabric choice is a hoot!  More later......

Some while ago I shared the canvas work I did while a member of the 127 Group, there was also a quilt - not just an ordinary quilt of course, this was named "Ripeness is All" which I think you will agree is a fitting title -

It was pretty big, large single bed size,  and all those fruits were hand made before being attached to the quilt.  My contribution can be seen bottom left, next to the pineapple - the aubergine!  I made more than one but am not sure whereabouts the others were placed.  We had so much fun making it, I particularly like the kiwi fruit - though in those days I think we called them Chinese gooseberries.

And now I will leave it to my son, his fellow drivers and a man who was hanging around the studio, to say cheerio for now -

My son is second from the right in the tan coloured hat - I have appreciated all the photos he has allowed me to share with you.

A most apt quotation has popped up today, "He who does not hope to win has already lost." Jose Joaquin de Olmedo

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