Tuesday, 17 July 2012

New shop on Jackson and the elusive pattern

Clementine's was closed the day I had to walk to the bank from the office - I'd had a close encounter with the side of my son's carport [mine is huge, as I told my builder when it first went up it would sleep a family of six! so I have plenty of room to park creatively] the result at my son's however, was a parting of the ways between the car and the wing mirror - funny thing that - it showed me how many times I actually glanced into that mirror while I was driving, only to be brought up by the sight not of a reflection, but the innards!

Anyway, I couldn't resist the gorgeous model with the beautiful clothes - and because the shop was closed and I had to photograph through the window, you get the ghostly reflection of the other side of the street.

Clothing, jewellery & accessories - and I saw some two layered skirts - they are silk and so graceful.  Open only at weekends at present because of a new baby.  I shall return...

Back in April I told about a present for the person who has everything - well, each time I tried to put the item up, Blogger cut me off.  Now, I am beginning to wonder whether the joke, as it was supposed to be, is going to fall flat.

You see it is for such a quaint item - and I have to admit I don't have the skills to work out how to do it, or write it up, so it is not very nice to poke fun.......... anyway, here it is -

And I do love penguins!!

I just think it is a bit o.t.t to put one on my teapot.

I'm not sure if it will enlarge enough for you to be able to read the instructions but if you really want to make one, get in touch and I will email you a larger version!

Now here's another blast from the past; in the olden days [?!} when I first came to New Zealand, my very favourite shop was James Smith - I loved the wooden escalator, the marvellous window displays and of course Nancy's Embroidery shop - where I bought my first kitset tray cloth to try my hand at embroidery.

The other day my granddaughter was tidying her mother's kitchen drawer and came up with this -

 I love it  - did you ever get one?

Now I'm on a roll, so I will also share with you a bar of soap I discovered when I had the big clean out before my bathroom was renovated.  I hope you can make out the wording - so pure   so mild   - and the cute baby -

Well, you know that the harder the soap is, the longer it will last!

I've been doing a bit of knitting these chilly evenings, a friend belongs to a group and they are making eight inch squares to be made into knee rugs.  I found a few I had tucked away so they have gone, and I tidied up my knitting container and am doing more.  I think the pattern says thirty stitches with double knit and 4.5 needles, just as well knitting is flexible, as some will have to be squashed and some stretched.

So I thought I'd have a go at working from corner to corner, see how that pans out  -

At least I will be sure the straight side measures the correct size before I start reducing......  Not terrible exciting colours, but the rugs made are very warm.

Thank you for your comments, I really appreciate hearing from you.

I'll sign off with a retro quote - from the early days of feminism I think, "People call me feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat or a prostitute." Rebecca West.


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scraphappy said...

Lovely knitted squares. They will surely keep someone warm and cozy. The diagonal stitch is a nice variation.