Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Words of Advice

This piece of advice was given to me by one of my sons - the one who has taken such great photos when he's been on location - on the occasion of re-organising the office at the family business.

Actually there's no-one I can delegate to, we are a small office, so it's Do it or Dump it!

Well, I'm not yet at the point of dumping my blog and I am having difficulty doing it myself, so I have to search elsewhere for assistance.

Several people have suggested I start another blog, but they haven't actually said how - in words of one syllable preferably!!

I thought I had done so,  and Blogger loved my new name [just the old one with a number added] until I tried to put a photo up - whoops, I have no space.  So I am trying to get another Google account; I think I first have to get another email address - great, except that my computer keeps telling me I'm not connected to the internet......... gremlins are having such fun with me!!

There must be a way to make my photos smaller because I can put up as many small ones as I like, maybe another trip into town to Yoobee.

There is a competition on at present to write a poem about Coffee bars, I entered the competition last year

A cup of coffee with you

The familiar beep 
Signals a message from my son
“Coffee in ten? – you know where”
Our favourite meeting place.

I do look forward to my morning fix - but
I could do without
Screaming kids with my flat white

Well done, Mum
Distraction is the key
And the road works
Are a Godsend
To an embarrassed Mother
Having coffee with one of the 
Girls from the office,
Trying to prove she
Is still smart and with it
And motherhood’s a breeze

We read the paper
Make plans for a cinema visit 
And enjoy the music – funny that
Had a friend who insisted on sitting
Fat Freddy wasn’t to her taste.

Such a pleasant interlude
In this meeting place that is also
A place of refuge 
Or a refuge from loneliness
And did I mention the good coffee?

 - No prizes for guessing why I didn't win one!!

Ok, back to the sewing room for a last half hour before bed.  I've been waylaid by a pile of two inch squares......

My quote to finish today is, "The bird of paradise alights only upon the hand that does not grasp." by John Berry - I wonder why that one came to the top?

Nice talking with you

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