Wednesday, 1 August 2012

SIS Quilts, a coffee mug, and a query

First the query - please what is this plant?  I think it's rather lovely, standing up for itself amongst the deadly nightshade and other weeds.

I seem to remember buying some euphorbia last year which I planted somewhere around this part of the garden but I'm sure the picture didn't look like this.

I came across this next photo recently and wanted to share it with you, it reminds me of a most enjoyable class I went to with Keiko Goke all about free cut log cabin blocks.  Right up my alley, I had a ball using some bright patterned fabrics.  We made the blocks, joined them then cut them into the shape of a basket complete with handle.

When I put mine down on the floor, I realised it looked so much better tilted to one side, with the handle not on the top, but on one side - and hey presto, there is my coffee mug.

There were others in the class who confessed to having great difficulty cutting freehand and sewing seams that were not exactly straight!

Now I want to share a couple of quilts from the women in the Arohata Women's Prison quilting programme, the Shut-in Stitchers as they are known.  I have their permission to share the photos.

Attic Window for a child -

With those lovely deep windows, a child might feel it could crawl into the picture!

The next quilt was only the second that T. made and it's for her mother.  Notice the influence of the Attic Window -

The moon and star were appliqued onto the checkerboard background; it's a large quilt and has been machine quilted - I think you'll agree the maker has considerable artistic talent.

Lately there have been many natural disasters but it is comforting to know that, in the depths of the countryside, we have directions for getting to safety in the event of a tsunami -

It's pretty much a given that you wouldn't go towards the beach..........

How true this is, "Not what man knows but what man feels, concerns art.  All else is science." Bernard Berenson

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Ali Honey said...

That is a euphobia in your photo. The real test would be to see if it has milky white sap in the stems.... But not good on your skin so take care.