Saturday, 14 July 2012

Patterns and things......

Well maybe I haven't got it completely!

This little photo reminds that we all have different points of view - this is an ordinary blind but altered with the use of my latest iPhone App - think it's Marbled.

I can see great possibilities - maybe use it with striped fabric, or fabric that has patterns set in sort of stripes - which is what I have been doing.

It started with a Block of the Month for Wellington Guild, oh ages ago.....  You cut two squares, then use them to make half square triangles.  I found lots of my vintage fabrics fitted my bill and away I went....  The thought came to me that the pattern was a bit like life, in particular marriage - take two people and try to join them up - sometimes you get a perfect match, other times they seem to take off in different directions, but most times you can get a new attractive pattern.

I auditioned many, many fabrics for the setting triangles - had lots of fun,

Finally settled on this one

and then made a bit of a mistake at the edge - well, I was getting tired, so I stopped for the day and got it right the next day.

The setting triangles look pretty big but I plan to cut them back when I put the binding on.

I shall take a photo of the whole thing to share -
Thanks for stopping by and for your emails and comments - they are much appreciated!

The quote for today is one that we quilters can well appreciate, "The world is not respectable; it is mortal, tormented, confused, deluded forever; but it is shot through with beauty, with love, with glints of courage and laughter; and in these, the spirit blooms timidly, and struggles to the light amid the thorns.  George Santayana


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Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Hi June
Nice to see you back.
Wouldn't it just rip your nightie when those triangles attach themselves the wrong way?