Sunday, 1 July 2012

One year a blogger!!

One whole year ..........

Now how amazing is that!!!  Not just the photo which is another taken from the house in Roseneath looking towards the Hutt Valley - but the fact that I can publish it........ I have been going round and round this problem and perhaps this is the solution.

No, I'm not going to bombard you with photos of Wellington Harbour, but this was taken many years ago and is a digital version of an old slide - so probably very few pixels.

I have been advised to make sure I show smaller photos but not exactly how [all the information I could find is based on using Windows]  I tried to start another blog with a slightly changed name, but it was no use; obviously it's me and my address that has no more space, so perhaps I shall have to look into getting another email address, a new Google identity and try again.

I had to take my computer into Yoobee for more Ram so I can upgrade and the technician suggested I try Wordpress which will apparently take over the old blog.

I finished piecing the Marriage Quilt which I set on point - had great fun with the setting triangles, somehow managed to twist one or two of them as I carried the pieces from the design wall to the machine - I have a very good unpick.

Things are going well at the prison, with some beautiful quilts being produced.  The Attic Window pattern is proving so popular and they all look quite different.

Thank you for your emails of encouragement, I do miss the chats and sharing and My New Year resolution is to solve the problem and just Do It!

And a most appropriate quote - "Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow", Ralph Emerson

We will talk again - soon and with pictures!


Nancy J said...

June, I have put lots of photos on my blog, and have no problems. I do the post in Live Writer and then send to my blog, and it is so easy to put in photos, crop, re size. If I did them straight into blogpost, which I did when I first started my blog, I had to compress them when I edited, to webpage size.I too am going to get so many slides put into a digital version.And old photos as well, they are too precious to lose. Cheers from Jean

Jenny and Robin said...

Hi June, great to see you in bloggerland once again. It's been so long that you have been battling with your blog problems.

Liz B said...

Nice to see you back June! I've missed your posts.