Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Windows, washing & more strings

This is the stained glass window on my front door.

I just love the simple design and the touch of red colour - which is why I chose that colour for the door;  it is also considered good feng shui.

It occurred to me that there are many similar houses around Petone, so I am planning to use that as an incentive to go for walks with my camera.  I very much need more exercise.

The second window is slightly larger and is on the south side of the house.

The little ledge is the perfect spot for my 'houses', some of the ones on the left still contain alcohol I think. The first ones were those on the right given to us by my sister in law, I found the General Store in a second hand shop in Kilbirnie - just love the cat licking up the cream, and the little brown one to the left is intended to hold potpourri.

I might have opened the floodgates of fabric buying after my indulgence at the Waikanae exhibition.  After we had finished at the prison last Saturday a friend and I had lunch at Kaizen, and did some shopping finishing up at Spotlight where we made a beeline for the specials.  I took all that was left on the bolts of the purple and splodgy orange - both colours that are often requested by the Shut in Stitchers.

Here they are drying on the line - had to take a photo to show off the lemon tree and the marvellous  colour in the self seeded geraniums and cineraria.

I am on the last row of quilting the blocks of my wonky log cabin but haven't touched the hand stitching of the extended nine patch and talking of progress - well, the yellow and green quilt that has given me so much angst lately is now finished.

I changed my mind so many times - maybe the moon or the planets are in funny positions!  something was addling my brains, that's for sure!

I fluffed around, then took the bull by the horns yesterday and just sewed a couple of rounds and decided enough is enough!!

It could be a table cloth, or as I have sorted out some fine flannel for the back, it might go somewhere as a baby quilt; the birth was certainly difficult!!

Now this next quilt was a joy from start to finish, another strippy one made from mainly vintage fabrics.  I was given a pile of squares of various sizes so used one cut in half for the two corners; it is simply called Summer Strings -

I made the binding extra wide as I used the material from one of my late husband's shirts, excellent cotton.

You can see that both corners of each block are the same.  I thoroughly enjoyed hand quilting it and just love all those old fabrics.

With asparagus in plentiful supply, there is now no reason I cannot enjoy my favourite meal of steamed asparagus and a poached egg - I now have four different egg poachers!

On the left is the pair of orange rings - useless, as the egg just disappears under the ring.  On the right is the fancy gadget I ordered from Avon with full written instructions and as yet unused; the green fish?? were presented to me by a friend and also have yet to be tested - will they stay upright if they float? and the sort of ladle with holes was found to be skulking in the drawer of kitchen gadgets and forgotten about.  Do you ever do that?  I think it is meant to hook onto the side of a saucepan but that could be difficult as all mine have lips for the lids.........  Maybe I shall have to persevere with the spinning water; goodness, if my son can do it.......

Oh my gosh, the thought for the day is "Envy hates the excellence it cannot reach".

Nice chatting to you, thanks for your comments


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