Saturday, 12 November 2011

Straight Furrow on Location and machine repairs

That is some straight furrow! and the photo is courtesy of my son who is a cast driver on location for the filming of the Hobbit.
He went for a walk during lunch break one day and sent me some stunning photos.

I have friends who do beautiful art quilts, as opposed to my scrap quilts - not getting into an argument here :)) but I can see them interpreting this with rusted silk fabric and crusty embroidery stitches.....

It's been a busy, busy week.  My son stayed a couple of nights before flying down south, not that he's any trouble, in fact the only 'motherly' thing I did was show him how to operate the washing machine!  He took me out to breakfast both mornings so I was unusually early into the office, and then he was gone!

Some good friends came over from Nelson and we did a Movie and a Meal.  Isn't it great when you can carry on as though you saw them a few days ago instead of months.  We went to The Lighthouse in Petone [of course!] I love that cinema, and saw "Midnight in Paris" which we all enjoyed very much.  Afterwards she confessed that if she had known it was a Woody Allen film she wouldn't have gone, and he said that if I had mentioned that it was sort of time travel, he wouldn't!!  So ignorance was bliss for them and their prejudices didn't stop them enjoying a lovely film.

We then had a lovely meal at the Curry House on the corner and I have enough for two more dinners....

During the week I had to collect two sewing machines that had been repaired for the Shut-in Stitchers, which is the name for the quilting programme at Arohata Women's Prison.  The authorised repairer is Glen.  I have been to the shop often over the years taking machines in, some of which are beyond repair and sometimes Glen is able to fix it while I wait.  Also over the years I have become pretty adept, as have several of the other tutors, at doing minor repairs - usually it is the wrong bobbin, or incorrect threading and often lack of cleaning!

As you can see,Wellington Sewing Services has a huge range of machines of all shapes and sizes.  And look at the display of oldies on the top shelf.

The shop is large, and through the archway is fabric and wool - how about this for the doll who has everything?

They do have a children's section for knitting with special patterns that are achievable in a reasonable time.  The first thing I tried to knit when I was about twelve, was a jumper with a band of Fair Isle!!

Now sewing for children is something that I have noticed is much more popular and there are some lovely outfits from quilting fabric -

I know that many of the backs and borders on my quilts are made from fabric I bought to make clothes for myself.  Maybe I shouldn't be too quick to forget sewing, I see that Maxi dresses are back for the summer and think how much yardage they take?!

There was one display of quilting fabric that took my eye, who could resist these Fat Cats?

There is also a border print - and in this picture is one of the Fabric Figurines; this one is subtle, the others were bright and funky.

I took a friend with me, Jan - and I can tell her what she should do next!!  Make the bag with the fabric bought on our trip!

 Jan makes the most amazing bags, she might start with a pattern but always personalises it.  I look forward to seeing this one, I covet it already!

I am on the last side of quilting the Wonky Hexagon and have pinned the little yellow baby quilt/table cloth - and started machine quilting - it jumped to the top of the pile because it is small.......

I have already made another top - using up some of the three and a half inch strips I cut for the yellow one, they are an awkward size in a way, a bit chunky for use in a block - so this is very simple.  I cut calico squares to separate pieces double the size of the squares - if you follow me....

I like the fresh look, and of course the vintage fabrics...

It might have a calico border and I have a lot of strips left for the binding - some of my favourite fabrics -

And particularly this darker one -

Time for my curry and vegetables and back into the sewing room, I've finished the entire collection of "The daring buds of May" and tonight will watch again a beautiful film on Maori TV, "Seraphine".

My worthy thought for the week is "Things ill got had ever bad success" - I am sure that could be re-worded in a more elegant way!

Nice talking with you, thanks for your comments



Jan said...

My word that floral fabric really pops-- the bag will be made next-- thanks for your compliments -- and that photo of the furrows yes lots of crusty stitching worked on aged silk would be yummy.

Cottage Tails said...

My kids homed in when I said your son was working on the Hobbit Movie....
We tried to be extras for the film but mustn't have the look they are wanting.

Love Leanne