Saturday, 19 November 2011

Fabrications and bushfires

This photo was taken 'on the drive down' I think somewhere around Te Anau, my son is not very forthcoming about exact whereabouts - but it is making me want to tour around the South Island again to enjoy this magnificent scenery.

I don't wish to label myself, let's just say getting up in the morning can find me a trifle grumpy at times - so the thought of a 5am start - even with these surroundings, a chance to watch a sunrise and a coffee to boot, would be something of a trial......

Last evening I, with many others, was along at the Horticultural Hall in Lower Hutt helping to set up the "Fabrications" event that was held today.  I was disappointed to learn that Leimomi Oakes was unwell and not able to be there so I left at home the several pieces of vintage fabric I had intended to take to ask her opinion on.  Fortunately when I got home I photographed them, so that today when I arrived after teaching at the prison, and found Leimomi well enough to be there, at least I could show them to her.

I am hoping, and will suggest quite strongly, that at least one of the local guilds asks her to come to a meeting so we can all bring our textiles for her to see - and help us learn more about them.

This is one I took, a fun piece from the 60s or 70s

This next one is a little more difficult to place, it is quite floddery -

Definitely from the jive era, maybe the Fifties?

I mentioned that I have a sewing bag that my sister in law, Christine, made for me and which I use to carry around my tumbling blocks, I thought you might like to see it.  When Christine was out here from the UK for a visit she went to a class at Thimbles & Threads on a stack and whack technique I think, and this fabric was what she used and had left over -

On the inside are pockets, both fabric and plastic

I think the idea is that you can put it over the arm of an easy chair and the solid piece in the centre acts as a pin/needle cushion.

And goodness me, who would have guessed, it also holds an unfinished piece of cross stitch - something about giving one's children roots and wings - this dates back to the time I had a 'thing' about rocking horses ..........

There is a small quilt I want to share; with all the talk today of the mine disaster a year ago, I was reminded of other natural disasters, in particular the bushfires in Australia.  Remember the photo of the fire fighter giving a drink to a koala? At that time I started playing with some five inch squares and doing a square in a square, but applique - which is not my favourite technique.  I machined the squares and unconsciously found I was choosing a definite colour scheme .......

There's a small amount of green left

I know I am going to find it difficult to sleep tonight, my mind is full of the people I met today and the quilts I saw - just being around so many like-minded people is a great buzz!

Trust the Girl Guide diary to keep me from getting ahead of myself, the thought for today is "Beware of short cuts to success."

I enjoy talking with you and thank you most sincerely for the emails and comments.
Have a good weekend.


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Liz B said...

June, I still talk about floddery fabric too!