Thursday, 27 October 2011

Mary's Block and mind changing!

But first my death-defying balancing cat!

I mean to say, check the centre of gravity on the little old push chair [don't you just love that plastic fringed sun shade?] how on earth is it staying upright?  Floyd is no lightweight.

This is in the corner of the spare room - actually my granddaughter's bedroom and judging by the toys, it is time we had another clean out.

I'm sure you know of Mary's Block, even if not by that name, it is so versatile and fun to do.  It is one I include in my class for five inch squares, I cut and joined the pieces 3.5 inches by five and 2.5 inches by 5, then slice down the centre -

as on the left.  Reverse one of the cut pieces and resew.  Put a 4.5 by 5 rectangle right sides together and mark the stitching line on the back -

If you use a bias square to mark the stitching line, each will go from a corner, touch the end of the square and off the side.  Sew on these lines and cut between them -

Then I started playing with the little blocks -

I first considered a nine patch, top left of the picture, but it was a bit clunky, so then I tried halving the centre side patches which I liked better, then I decided on something different - but what borders?

The first border was too wide, so I halved it and took out the bright plain.

But that wasn't right, so

I tried another border

So eventually, this is the top - 

Which I altered again before I sewed it up - but not yet quilted!

It looks quite subdued, so the real colour is probably half way between the photos!

If you are into Op Shopping, then Petone is the place to visit!  We already have St Vincent de Paul, the Sallies and the Red Cross and now I see the SPCA is to open a shop.

Sadly though The Children's Bookshop is closing today; I believe Malcolm wants to retire and no-one was prepared to take it on; understandable in this economic climate.  Over the years I have bought many books there for my granddaughters and I valued his advice, so have a good retirement Malcolm, you will be missed.

Remember the yellow and green quilt I was working on?  Well, more changes, it went from this

 To maybe this

And this is where I am at

But don't hold your breath!!

It's been such a busy week with office work,  an evening club meeting, a surprise invitation out to dinner - and I never turn down one of those and helping a friend re-organise after she had some house alterations done and tomorrow morning it's off to the prison, so this evening I am into the sewing room..

That is not exactly a promise - I have just read today's thought - "A promise is a sacred thing".

Nice talking with you, thanks for stopping by


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