Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Milford Sound, Lake Te Anau - and more scrap quilts

Last week with snow expected to low levels, my son [who is a cast driver with the Hobbit somewhere in the South Island] had a couple of days off and he drove three of the cast for a cruise on Milford Sound, two and a half hours out to the sea.

I have forgotten how high he said the cliffs were with the waterfalls but they look wonderful, don't they?

I have had a very busy and enjoyable week - office, family, friends - what more could I want?

I have been trying to go for a walk every day, I do so need the exercise and my Inner Brat has woken up and keeps prodding me.  The first few days it was not a pleasure, I am so unfit!, I flopped into a chair on my return just thankful that the torture was over.  However - by the end of the week, I couldn't believe how good I felt after that walk - really full of energy.  Then I let it slide for a couple of days, but the brat started nagging today - 'a little bit of gardening yesterday is not enough - get moving those legs'.  Do you have a conscience [or brat] like mine?

Anyway, one of the many plusses today were the flowers in bloom and the bird song, and this hedge that had no flowers yesterday -

Such lovely old fashioned roses and the bumble bees were having a great time, but they appear to be camera shy!

Did I mention earlier that I had a few small pieces from a quilt one of the women is making in the prison?  She didn't think they were worth keeping, so I played around with them -

I tried out various sashing fabric

The pale greeny fabric was interesting with the squiggles on it, in the end it is pinned ready to quilt with a flannel backing

It is just the right size for a cot or pram cover and will go to the hospital or Bernardos - after I have shown the Shut-in Stitchers what can be done with small pieces.

I showed the yellow borders quilt, well it is now quilted, and that one too I backed with flannel

I have almost finished hand sewing on the binding, I quilted in the pale yellow sashing using a decorative stitch from my Janome

I used variegated thread to add a little interest - and talking of interest - silly me to put it on the floor to take a photo, because Basil just had to come along for a look-see -

I had a bit of a tidy in the sewing room the other day, and came across a packet with some beautiful panels of  hand batiked cats - I think I bought them in the UK on my last trip

So I had a quick look into one drawer and came up with some compatible fabrics

Then I will have to put on my thinking cap and come up with how best to show off the cats...........

Having mentioned Lake Te Anau I will finish with one of the photos my son sent, this was taken on one of the days that Windy Wellington lived up to its name - and beyond!  Boy, even my little low slung car was rocking in the wind.

Thanks for your comments, it's such a pleasure hearing from you.

The thought from my diary is, "Unpunctuality is slackness - nothing else." - My unpunctuality usually happens when I am ready early and think I have time to do something, which takes longer than the time available.  Me slack? never!



Cottage Tails said...

Just showed DH the photos your son has sent up while traveling with the cast. We have a beautiful country aye!
So has he named dropped to you????

Love Leanne

Jenny said...

Beautiful photos June, but then we all know we live in the best country in the world, don't we?