Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sunrise, sale and stools

I do enjoy seeing the sunrise, or rather Phil's photograph of the sunrise - no way I'd get up in time to drive over to the 'Rapa and be set up to catch the few minutes while the light is right, but the results are stunning.

No doubt the weather is like it is now every winter, I just happily forget - boy! has it been cold this last couple of weeks.  I got a sweet message from the power company telling me I'd used twenty eight percent more power this week than last!  Maybe I need a treadmill hooked up to a generator so I can get some exercise and save money at the same time!

Even Basil has been feeling the cold -

I can't get him to use a basket, or even a quilt on the settee - though he does have a long thick coat and since we got the medication sorted [or rather how to get it into him] he's put on a bit of weight.  I got up one morning to see him sitting by the little heater which I keep in the hall and on all night, so I 'dropped' some fabric beside it and he's quite happy there - but only in the wee small hours.

Yesterday was Capital Quilters' meeting which took the form of a garage sale and work day, I didn't get any work done and I didn't buy anything, but I did get to talk with lots of my friends and catch up on their news.

This was how one of the sale tables looked -

Every kind of linen fancy work you could think of - I have quite a lot of my own so didn't buy any more.  I use them for quilt labels, do you?  And I must confess I have thoughts of making a quilt using them as a friend, Phillippa, did.

Up on the board was next month's block of the month,

much more traditional in colour and design than we've had lately.
And with a Retreat soon, the Block for that was on display too - which looks like fun.

Also on display, apart from some really lovely quilts, were two stools -

Stool one and stool two -

Both made, or rather decorated by Glennis White who takes classes in producing them - great use of fabric isn't it?

I was heartened to learn of more classes being held to teach quilting in other than mainstream situations - Arts Access sent me the link to their blog which featured an article that had appeared in the New Zealand Quilter magazine about a Corrections officer who is also a quilter and who is teaching the men how to make quilts.  Her story of the young man who knew best struck chords with me - some of our stroppy teenagers have had the same attitude - so it's extra good when they discover for themselves how great it feels to do it my way and get it right!

I met a new quilter at the meeting, new member anyway who kindly agreed that I could photograph her quilt -

I love the quilting and the fresh colours - spring will be here one day - so welcome to Capital Quilters, Kylie.

I've nearly finished the hand sewing of the binding on Tilly's quilt, slowed down quite a bit as I had a visit to the skin specialist to have various bits frozen on my face and left hand, the thumb is not scabbing up so I'm being extra careful - we really to need our thumbs to grasp, only reminded of it when the thumb isn't available the way it should be.

I've also been doing my cryptic crosswords when I should be doing other things [like housework!?]  I love the ones by Donald Harrison, as Aussie, it helps to remember that sometimes.  Do you do crosswords?

Bother the quotation, "You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war." Albert Einstein - I think we have realised that,  so what about the next one, "Let arms give place to the robe, and the laurel of the warriors yield to the tongue of the orator." Cicero - don't hold your breath!
I think I'll get a new volume of quotations......... so, let's have another great photograph taken from Lowry Bay, across the harbour and you can see it's raining in Wellington city over the bay.

Nice chatting with you, thanks for stopping by
Take care,


MrsC (Maryanne) said...

I love the BOM - there's a blue and brown range in our sale fabrics I've been partly itching to make something from - you know when a couple of fabrics start the synapses firing? But I don't have time for it. Still, I am feeling inspired after yesterday's free motion quilting class, they were so good! They picked it up straight away and we've increased the number of pieces they're producing to keep them busy! :)

Nancy J said...

Superb sunrise, winter gives us those glorious colours, and the Civil Union block, lovely muted shades, they suit it so well, Cryptics!!! My favourite, dare I say, I have some that are out of a friend's listener, she doesn't like them, and what better way to relax at the end of a busy day than with a mind-bending cryptic? Cold up here too June, Hugh is finding this winter the coldest for him, so the firewood stack is going down by huge amounts each week. Keep warm, hugs, Jean