Sunday, 13 July 2014

Sunrise, shelter and quilt show

Lake Wairarapa one very frosty morning - Phil  enjoyed his hot coffee at Featherston on the way home!

It's been all go this week; I was at the office on Monday to do the wages - and hit more snags with the security settings when I tried to email the payslips which meant a long phone call to the payroll people who are so very pleasant but changing settings meant more talks with my IT person.........which meant that by Thursday when things were only partially resolved instead of concentrating on what I was doing - perhaps one thing at a time? I made a right mess of the Block of the Month I was organising for the Wellington Guild meeting that night.

Overconfidence? I was using a block from my five inch squares class, no need to get it checked dozens of people have made it from my class........but I had to alter the instructions to allow for the fact that it was not a class situation, and I wanted it printed in colour etc. etc.   Luckily I was cocky enough to send the instructions by email to the newsletter editor, who passed it onto the BOM lady - who rang to tell me there was an error - seam allowance is quarter of an inch and I'd written half an inch.  Oh dear, but there was time to alter the hard copies I had printed off [thirty of them] before the meeting.

But there's more :( I altered the wrong place!!

As my son would say - and what have you learned today?  :))

The rest of the Guild meeting was most enjoyable, we had a demonstration of sites of interest to quilters, plus tips on all sorts of technical details.

Today I've enjoyed brunch at Cafeind, one of my favourite coffee bars in Petone and had a long look at Capital Quilters' Exhibition, Quilting a Modern Tradition.  My head is spinning - I wonder where other people get their inspiration, perhaps from this very modern artwork in a local bus shelter?

One aspect of the exhibition that I particularly noticed was the range of types of the actual quilting, from tied

hand quilting,

Machine in straight lines - just love those retro fabrics and the black and white binding, [quilt by Debra Delorenzo]

and then there's the designer long arm, which can look spectacular -

In all there were over 220 quilts on display, spread over several areas in the College -

Truly a "visual symphony" as a well known local character once commented!

I've finished straight - no, organic - line quilting on Tilly's quilt; was to have sewn on the binding today, see if I can get it done tomorrow and then I can be hand sewing it when I meet with my quilting friends...

The quotation today is most appropriate, having regard to my computer woes, "My computer beat me at checkers, but I sure beat it at kickboxing." Emo Phillips

And to finish on a note of beauty, a photo Phil took later the same morning as the first one when the sun was touching the edges of the hills.

A comment made to him was that it looks like a Rita Angus painting......
Thanks for stopping by, we'll talk again soon.



MrsC (Maryanne) said...

The fourth quilt down stopped me in my tracks - I loved how the quilting worked in so perfectly with the piecing. The texture and contrasts were so in harmony. Amazing!

Jenny said...

Couldn't make it down (from Levin) this weekend to see the quilt show, sadly. However, I'm sure it was wonderful, as usual. Thanks for showing a little peek at the quilts.

Nancy J said...

Super quilting, and Phil's last photo, picture perfect would not be praise enough. Cheers,Jean.

Nancy Bekofske said...

Lol your son sounds exactly like mine, who says that to me all the time.