Sunday, 3 August 2014

Cows and camellias

Phil was happily taking photographs at Lake Wairarapa recently when he realised he had an audience!  Well it makes a change from beautiful scenery!

Thank goodness it's a bit milder, which has brought out more camellias - shades of the dreaded pink, but not altogether unwelcome in these grey winter days -

I particularly like the shape of this blossom

Then this is the largest bush of all, and it's in flower most of the year -

After teaching at the prison yesterday, three of us went for lunch at the Pataka complex where there is a great cafe, Kaizen, and the Porirua Library which is huge and very well stocked; thanks to my SmartCard I can borrow from there as well as from my local library.

There was an exhibition of work from spinners and weavers, well worth visiting - some of the items took my eye -  now you see her -

now you don't - unless you squint....... I've no idea how this happens, nor sadly who did it.....must remember to take notes! I'll check next week and give due credit  - lots of beautiful rugs and scarves; plus felted garments and the most delicate of knitting.

Still to do with fibre, but a trifle tenuous connection - I was tidying in my sewing room this afternoon, looking for a bi-rangle which is a gadget tool for making half square rectangles - I think!  I read the instructions through a couple of times without being any the wiser, so I'll leave it for another day -unless anyone can tell me in words of one syllable and preferably not depending on cutting long strips on the bias and then joining them.......

Anyway, I came across one of my Op shop finds -

It's backed with hessian and I think is meant to be a somewhat impractical oven cloth - but just look at that patterned fabric, silky too - a real oldie.

My granddaughter Amy came round one day last week, heavens where have the years gone! she now gets the train from the city and is such a big help around the house - she also wrote the label for the baby quilt I've finally finished.

Didn't she write it beautifully?  I've firmly sewed it on and the quilt will be on its way to Tilly in the morning.

I'll close today with a timely reminder from Benjamin Franklin, that "The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness.  You have to catch it yourself."

Thanks for stopping by, here's a recent photo taken by Phil in Auckland one sunset -

A different kind of beauty.......


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Leeanne said...

Oh my goodness that sunset photo is beautiful! The Camellia's look a picture, mine are damaged from the hail & rain, we have had our fair share of that in Northland!
LOVE the Dresden pot holder, Dresdens are my favourite! Did you get to see Rosemary McCloud's vintage linen display? It is well worth it.
I like to use Doiley's as labels on quilts too. Some of my customers ask for them as part of my quilting services. Your Granddaughter has lovely hand writing.