Sunday, 6 July 2014

Surfer and cyclamen

Here's the surfer - a keen and hardy person you will agree - we are, after all, right in the middle of our winter.  Phil said it was bitterly cold just standing on the beach - you can see how the wind is whipping off the tops of the waves, but of course when you have a passion as this man undoubtedly has, you don't let that stop you.

Today was cold, but clear, calm and sparkling here in Wellington - have to get that dig in because this city has a bad reputation when it comes to weather.  It was extra good because I went into the city to meet up with some old friends, down from Auckland [a bit of inter-city rivalry here!]  We found an interesting cafe on Oriental Bay, and I was pleased to see that the old Wishing Well just along the street has had an upgrade -

the inside too

How annoying is that, I got two side by side last time without actually knowing how I did it........

I'll be completely honest about our weather, we do get some off days - like the day the cold front came through and left the front garden looking like this -

ummm, not very impressive - that's hail on the path and grass and no blue sky to be seen...... isn't Billy just adorable [oops I sound like that quilting programme.....] but see his star ear-ring? quite the man....

I've almost finished quilting the pretty quilt - what an unimaginative way to describe it; Tilly's quilt then which it will be as soon as I've finished it, but I have finished the hottie -

I missed the last meeting of Pinestream Quilters as I had been asked to talk to the ladies of the Holy Trinity Church in Avalon about the quilting programme at Arohata women's prison.  It was such a pleasant evening, the ladies were so friendly.  One of their members, Jean Delaney, had died recently and donated a large amount of fabric to be used by the Shut-in Stitchers, so it was great to have the opportunity to tell them about the quilts that have been made and how much we appreciate the help we received.  I had known Jean for years both through quilting and embroidery; a true lady and sadly missed.

They very kindly gave me a pot plant which sits in pride of place next to Floyd on my bedroom window cill,

I'll leave you with a photograph taken last week in the Wairarapa, a country road in winter....... and with the thought, "People who think they know everything are so annoying to those of us who do

The quote is from the calendar in the office, no author given- I couldn't resist it!  :)

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Clare Moore said...

I know just what you mean June about your Love the photo of the Wairarapa road...I grew up in that area.