Thursday, 27 June 2013

Waterlogged Wairarapa

I left you last week when the storm hit, wow that was a most unpleasant couple of days, my power went out about seven in the evening - thank goodness for our habit of preparing for emergencies!

There you have the mug of tea [courtesy gas stove], candles a la tower of pisa!, my wind up radio, iPad that had a full battery and my constant companion, Floyd - what more could I want?

I must say when I opened the large container of emergency supplies to get the radio, I looked at the tins and packets and decided I didn't fancy any of them!  time for a re-think and re-stock.....

My power stayed down all the next day, by which time my house was soooo cold so boss/son invited me over to his place where I enjoyed a hot meal, warm bed and hot shower before I left the next day and we watched a film together.  Hansel and Gretel as you've never seen it before!  I think it's called a splatter movie........ blood, guts and gore galore, with great special effects and chases with witches; humorous too.

Clear, calm weather on Saturday after the storm passed so Phil went over to the Wairarapa - back to the sea, pass my house, continue right to the end of the valley, then over the hills and down the other side; luckily he had his wellies in the boot and the photos are just lovely [though I'm sure the farmer doesn't share my enthusiasm!]

Last night was the meeting of Pinestream Quilters, this group is from that part of the valley just before you go over the hills, mainly Upper Hutt.  Jenny used to keep everyone informed about the meetings, but she's now moved away, so I thought I'd put in a little something - it was a fantastic meeting, mid-winter sort of Christmas with lots of red and white for clothes and quilts, this was the block of the month -

and off to the right is the one for next month a sort of rail fence with different width bars - not too sure about cutting and sewing accurately the one inch strips....

Members brought several gorgeous red and white quilts - sorry Jenny to let the side down, I stuffed up the photography and took a couple of completely useless, very short, videos instead of photos.......

I did get a shot of a wonderful quilt, for the son of a member [will get the name of the maker next time....]

The name of the quilt is Strata.

If you have delicate sensibilities, please look away - but here is a fun cushion -

You can also see parts of the other gorgeous quilts.

Here's another view of the farmland, after the storm

Wonderful silhouettes of the cabbage trees - such calm after the storm.....

I'll leave you now with a quote that appealed to me,  Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t – Erica Jong

Weird things are happening with my computer since the latest upgrade....... big brother?

We'll talk again soon.


Jenny said...

Hello June
Thanks for your nice words about my previous reporting efforts on Pinestream Quilters meetings.

I'm pleased to say that now I have moved, and settled in to our new home town, I have become a member of the local quilt group, Town and Country Quilters. And, happily, been invited to join a small friendship/house group. So life is pretty good. You will be pleased to know that I'm back to my old habits of reporting on quilt club nights, albeit from a different location these days.
Pleased you have your power back on.

Karen Jones said...

Hi June

I love that quilt made for the quilters son. Really effective. ,