Saturday, 20 July 2013

It's a good day!

Any day's a good day, but one that starts with a 5.8 earthquake can only improve, and here I am actually writing my blog instead of just thinking about it!

I realised how long it's been when I started tidying my computer files this morning and saw the number of wonderful photos from son Phil - so here's one he took on a day when he had great difficulty standing up in the wind.

This photo was shown on the Stuff page [newspapers] as Weather Photo of the Week.

Please, can anyone help with this gadget?  It was donated for use at the prison in our quilting class but I have no idea what it is for......

It has the words "Dot System" ......any ideas anyone?

During the month I went to Capital Quilters' meeting, held on a Saturday afternoon where the theme was Modern Quilting.  The speaker was most enthusiastic and had some great photos to share - this 'movement' can only be good for the amazing art/craft of quilting; I'm in favour of anything that brings more people in to share my addiction.

The block of the month was one I remember from long ago, and this setting has great movement -

even a 3D effect.

The block from the previous month was fun too, and used up selvedge edges - I might have a go at this one myself -

The block I want to share from my class is one of the first ideas I had to use the five inch squares with absolutely no waste, so

cut the first two 'points' off one and a half inches from the centre line, then mark the centre in

the opposite direction and cut, again one and a half stitches away from the line, to leave a centre square

that measures three inches.  Resew the points onto the square of another fabric, which is easily done as the second cut make the points exactly the right size.

If you cut two, or more, squares at once you can swap the centres - of course care is needed in the handling because the outside edges are on the bias.

I understand from the speaker at the recent meeting, that modern quilts use fabrics that are bright and make good use of "negative space"  - some of my vintage fabrics do that too.....

That old yard stick comes in handy.....  and this next fabric is certainly bright with both positive and negative spaces....

I'll leave Abraham Lincoln to have the last word today, "Whatever you are, be a good one." - well almost the last - to close here's a glorious sunset, courtesy Phil, taken the day after the photo at the start of this entry.

Nice chatting with you,


Nancy J said...

Stay safe June, we felt the larger one up here this afternoon, Lots of damage, in Wgn., but no reports of injury so far. Lovely pics, and quilt blocks too. Cheers from jean

Jan said...

Great photos June and love the block you demonstrated .

Dont Wait to Create said...

June, its great to be reminded of blocks we learnt years ago but have since forgotten.

Leeann said...

Lovely to see you on the stuff website this week congrats for the award. Amazing that you have been working for 20 years with the Shut In Stitchers.

Leeanne said...

Congratulations on your award, I read about it on Leeann's blog. Interesting work you do. I have been given a quilt to quilt from a group of women that made a quilt for a young Mum who's husband was killed by a prisoner, he was a prison guard. The quilt is made from his clothes.

Ali Honey said...

I want to add my Congratulations to you and all the ladies on your award.It is a positive, wonderful thing you are all doing. It has to be beneficial and make a difference. Well done indeed!