Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Climb every mountain.....

This one is for Dorothy who wrote to say how much she has enjoyed seeing Phil's photos and that she too, loves to do so - and who wouldn't, living in the vicinity of this mountain?  Mt Egmont is the old name, it's now Mount Taranaki but, a rose.............  Phil took this with a point and shoot camera a year or two ago when he was up that way on holiday, he couldn't believe his luck at being in the right place at the right time.

I've been doing some tidying and de-cluttering, each week I take a few books into one of the Op Shops and next it will be some cds.  Over the weekend I put ten classical cds onto my computer and iPhone which will give a little more balance to the several hours of music already there.  Beethoven's violin concerto and Elgar's Cello Concerto plus the four soundtracks from the Inspector Morse television series, which is now playing in the background.

Here's another side of the pincushion - two down, four to go!

On the design wall at present is another string quilt, what a surprise! I've also finished machine quilting around all the picture blocks of the quilt my granddaughters drew, now I must look out my embroidery threads and work on the individual blocks.

The block I wanted to share today  is another from  my 5 inch squares class, not sure where it came from; I remember being surprised at how popular it was because I had also shown the Altered 9 patch which hadn't inspired much enthusiasm at the time.

This is the Altered four patch -

So, take one four patch

and slice it four ways, I did this one and a half inches from the centre seam in each direction, trying not to move the pieces.  Then leaving the four outer corners and the centre four-patch untouched, reverse the centre squares made of two rectangles - resew.

Great isn't it, to get that effect without having to cut and sew fiddly little pieces.

This last photo Phil took in the Wairarapa recently, such an iconic little house.

Just a short visit today, I'll post more before too long.
This quote seems apt bearing in mind the news from South Africa, "I am not a saint, unless you think of a saint as a sinner who keeps on trying." Nelson Mandela

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Jenny said...

Hi June

Great to see you again on blog-land.

Nancy J said...

June, lovely quote, as their country waits for Nelson Mandela to improve a lot more.Mountain photos, always super to look at. Cheers, Jean.

Kelly Warriner-Simpson said...

*waves* Great photo of "Egatanaki" too..

Jan said...

June the music from Morse hope you still have it.....one of my favourite TV shows..... Looking forward to seeing the granddaughters quilt. Have you enough fancy threads ?lol