Monday, 6 August 2012

Great site for a coffee cart!

Maybe not up to the standard of my son's photography yet it shows something of the beauty of the harbour - Wellington city is at the extreme left - and the dark shadow is made by the coffee cart my friend and I will be stopping at in the morning to pick up refreshments for our stitching session.

I shall be cutting out the bag for one of my granddaughters, probably not hand sewing the binding of a quilt I have just finished because it is too late to start machining it on tonight.  I could also be carrying on with the baby blocks, or hand quilting the cot quilt or knitting more squares........ never any shortage of things to do, is there?

Probably the next top to be quilted will be my High Summer, made as an example of ways to use half square triangles as part of my 5" squares class.

I made the blocks by using four pairs of squares of similar tone and colour, then did a sew and flip with a small square on the seam end of the new square, one colour for the centre and a different colour for the outside,

I soon realised I wanted half blocks, didn't really like the blobby look otherwise.

I made the half blocks and then found the perfect border - a fabric I bought to make a blouse, would you believe?

That colour is better, it was looking somewhat washed out in the earlier photos

The next quilt is another from the prison, and by coincidence it was made by the same person who made the moon and star quilt I showed last time.  It goes to show how difficult it is to match four or five different pinks, but use twenty or more, and it works just fine!

The maker had embroidered some names on the borders of the central square and in my effort to mask them I have smudged the fabric, sort of.  My apologies.  I love the little applique hearts too.

I knew there was a reason I have so many works in progress - or flimsies as I believe some people call tops - the quote for today is "A finished person is a boring person."  Anna Quindlen

Thanks for stopping by and for your comments - I have been told the plant I was questioning is indeed a euphorbia, there are many varieties.  I think I shall search some out next time I visit a garden centre but only after I have done some weeding.......



Nancy J said...

I( do like the SIS quilt, almost a woven pattern. A lot of work and a super design. And my favourite colours. What a great idea, coffee on the way to quilting . Cheers, Jean.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Love your quilt top. So vibrant! A tonic at this time of fthe year

FlowerLady said...

I love your colorful half block quilt top that you are working on. Those colors are wonderful and the border is perfect.

I love quilts in pinks too.

Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

Linda said...

Your quilt top is gorgeous! I love it. The border is perfect.

Yvonne said...

Just loved your flower quilt June, You realy are a whiz with those 5 inch squares.

Jan said...

We did enjoy the coffee and the view from the coffee cart was just as good this morning.
Yes June is a whiz with 5 inch squares.