Sunday, 16 October 2011

Shopping bags, the Mall and Antique Quilt

The young kowhai is looking pretty good, the Tuis have left it alone.  The probably feel it is too near the ground and wouldn't take their weight.  I am cutting back the shrubs behind to give it room.

Underneath are three clivia, one was given to me by a friend and two I bought; her plant flowered straight away and one of mine is too.  You can just see it nearest the trunk of the kowhai.  There is also a geranium, gosh I love the way they take - I just poke cuttings in the ground - my kind of gardening.  There is also a healthy looking plant that I don't recognise, so it is probably a weed.

I brought my granddaughters over for the day on Friday. We had lunch at Go Bang so I could buy some more of the delicious Pic's peanut butter and then home to tackle the garden.

They both worked so hard; we weeded, huge clumps of couch grass and the bindweed that's showing itself again after the winter,  we pruned and swept.  Amy was able to cut back the orange monsters, alias Leanardis something or other, she cut them back by a third which will give plenty of room for them to grow and flower at their usual 2m x 2m - you probably realise I didn't read the label when I bought them......

Perhaps it would be better if I didn't try to do six months gardening in one day, I do know I ached all over afterwards!

Here's the shopping bag I told you I had knitted from the same Indian cotton fabric I made my first Quilt as you go.

As you can see, there is plenty of room for celery and a leek, plus the apples, bananas etc.  It is not exactly elegant but very fit for its purpose!

Here's another bag I made recently from some of my vintage fabric samples.  The pattern uses french seams and the handles are most secure.  I just love that fabric!

It is great for library books or dvds.

Another day in the week I picked up my granddaughter Molly and one of her friends and delivered them to the Mall.   I shall spare you my usual rant about Malls - we arranged a meeting place and time, so I headed for the nearest coffee bar and sat down to play patience on my iPad while I drank a cup of warm, frothy milk...... ugh.  Anyway, I received a tap on my arm and a very nice lady commented on the iPad - and we were away chatting like long lost friends and suddenly it was time to pick up the girls!

I did notice an area where flax weaving and painting were being taught, I asked permission to take a photograph - the children were entranced, such a happy group.

Now that's what I consider a good use of a Mall!

I mentioned that I bought an antique quilt while I was in Canada.  I was staying with my friend in Toronto and we went to A Celebration of Quilts which according to my diary, just blew me away.  We met many friendly quilters one of whom recommended a particular antique shop and there it was!

It is hand pieced and hand quilted and bound with the same little print of the alternate blocks.  Some blocks had more than the usual two fabrics.

I just love this black and white.

Here it is again

Even a gingham

And a plaid - the bottom piece is the right size, it is only the angle of the photo but she did cut off the point of the triangle - but wait until you see my Amish churn dash - later!

I draped the quilt over the back of the couch to show the quilting design, an all over Baptist Fan.

I spent the afternoon piecing a back for the Puss in the Corner class sample, using a selection of large fabric for children while I sort of watched/listened to series three of Auf Wiedersehen Pet, filmed fifteen years after the first two series.  Most enjoyable.   This week I plan to put the sandwich together to start machine quilting.

Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comments and emails.

The thought for today is "Well begun is half done."  You mean I have to spend another back breaking day in the garden?


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Linda said...

What a great quilt! I love the quilting design.I bet it is super-cozy.