Saturday, 22 October 2011

She Who Dares, Wins

That is the name of a quilt and it is not an allusion to a certain game with the odd shaped ball that is being held tonight - thought come to think about it, please oh please, whatever gods may be, let the ABs win!!

This is the quilt in question -

It was made some good long time ago when Lorraine Moran was in the country and taught this class.  The title refers to the choice of fabrics, we were told to bring our boldest and brightest - though nowadays they look a trifle tame!

The quilt is also rather faded because I use it as a curtain over the back door, it used to be for warmth but since I had the old double doors taken out and a new double glazed one installed, it is more for privacy - and a place to hang another quilt!   The background as seen in the top left corner is nearest to the original colour.

I hand quilted it according the the fabric pattern.

I just love that whacky pink

Maybe they are meant to be pomegranates.

My grand daughters came over yesterday and stayed the night, they both had some mending that needed doing - and these days we just get the Work Box down, I took advantage of the opportunity to tidy it up -

What a hoot, thread to darn stockings no less, called Darneze!!  Lots of gizmos in the lid of the box, including a button hook my mother gave.  The big wooden darning mushroom was made by my son at school and the little black one that looks a bit like some maracas, I bought on my visit to Canada - of which I have spoken before!

They seemed to enjoy their mending session and then later cleaned the windows in the front of the house and helped with more pruning in the garden; they are lovely girls.

Do you ever start gathering fabric for a quilt and then sort of lose your way?  that's just what I did recently.  See what I mean - 

I had lots of vintage florals out for the Floribunda, so started cutting strips - actually three and  a half and I meant them to be two and a half!

I decided as I have lots of pale yellow to use that as the alternate fabric - making the whole thing a sort of Square in a Square -

More or less?  I love the centre fabric.....

I think I know where this is going....... so with a bit of luck, I can get into the sewing room for the day tomorrow and stop waffling!!

Oh dear, wouldn't you know - our thought for today is "Be modest in victory and cheerful in defeat."

Blogger is driving me nuts, so I'll say cheerio, thanks for visiting

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Nancy J said...

Hope both the French Team and the AB's heed your thought. Well done to all the AB team ,those who played,those who stayed on the bench, all those behind the scenes, and all their families who made sacrifices for a long time.Cheers to them all,
From Jean,11.50 p.m.