Thursday, 14 July 2011

Ancient and modern

Flowers are always cheerful and these match the glorious sunny day we have enjoyed today - but oh, that wind!  The first really icy blast this winter.

First I must thank Leeann for coming to my rescue and pointing me in the direction of my lost posts - then I thought I would show more of the old sewing tools I bought at the fair and then share with you my love of vintage fabrics.  I have some left over from when I sewed for the family and then I found I could buy more at school fairs, and from the Op shops - and friends gave me some - all this before others decided they were great to collect.  Not to worry I have quite a stash and I do enjoy using them. 
Here are the old tools, a button hole attachment with additional dies and a black tin with contents.
I'm not sure what goes in the other half of this tin, but there were lots and lots of pieces that might fit, I shall have to do some more research.

I rather liked the idea of raw edge applique, having made a cushion with needle turned applique I feel it is not exactly my thing!  This block appealed, the background is a square, then there are three circles, each one getting smaller sewn onto it - you cut away the excess from the back; then cut the whole thing in quarters and re-arrange as desired.

I played with them, and quite liked this arrangement, then tried another more conventional one
I didn't really like the sort of blobby look, so put some kisses into the mix!
For the spaces I found the perfect batik fabric -

And on the back I put the left overs - plus my first Kiss - far too big!

Is this how you work on your quilts? or do you know from the outset what you are going to do?
I have enjoyed listening to my music in the car - the rest of the technology is on hold though I have just printed out a photo of one of the quilts from a Shut-in Stitcher using proper photography paper on my own printer because I forgot to get one done at the Red Shed - woohoo, another skill learned!
Have a good weekend all,



Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Hi June
Thanks for sharing your vintage sewing items with us. I love old piecess like this too. My favourites are my stilettos. I use them all the time.

Kayjay in New Zealand said...

That quilt is gorgeous June. I love both sides and the colours are vibrant. It certainly was a cold blast today but the blue sky looked pretty from inside the office. Not so warm outside. Have a wonderful weekend. Hope you're feeling lotz better.