Tuesday, 5 July 2011

I love Tuesdays

Tuesdays?  that's the day I meet with a group of friends to stitch, or not depending on one's mood, but we do have a lot of laughs and fun; advice is given freely and taken, or not also depending on one's mood!

I finished putting the hearts onto the dull blue quilt top, it is made from five inch squares and I am at last running low on some colours.  The hearts are the pre-cut ones I bought ages ago from Susan Claire at Toad Hall, I like the effect - what do you think?
I just love the border, one of my vintage fabrics.  The consensus today was that I either hand quilt it or bite the bullet and try out the BSR gadget on my newer Bernina so I can do  free motion quilting - I shall have to think about that!

Thank you for the help in finding out all about my mystery object, it's a Singer Craft Guide and their site is full of information - a friend said she has happy memories of helping her mother make rugs.  Also at the A&C fair they had tables of various items purely for display.  I couldn't resist the look of these sewing machines -

Many years ago I quilted with three friends, and we hit upon the idea of making small quilts - by hand of course- a different technique each time; we each made the same number of blocks, we would then draw lots to see who got to put that one together and keep it.  We did a Cathedral window, then a Pinwheel and then the drunkard's path which I won and set as a Love Ring -
I just loved this block and got somewhat carried away cutting then sewing more blocks - still using a template, drawing on the back of the fabric etc.  In the end I had enough for two and I set them out in groups of six to make a version called 'birds' I think.  One was violet, indigo, blue, green and yellow in the top corner; the other was yellow, orange and red with lots of browns - but then lots of birds are brown......  The first photo shows auditioning the borders for the violet etc. one.

When I came to put on the borders I realised that it was not enough to simply change colour to correspond with the centre, so I made an extra part block and appliqued it on which looked much better than a straight join.

The bug I caught that kept me away from the prison on Saturday has settled in my throat - it even meant I had to sit quietly for part of the time today, too much talking set me coughing!!  :))

Thank you for your comments -we'll talk again soon.


Lis said...

Those are beautiful quilts, I love the way you've used the Drunkard's Path block and the colours.

Jenny said...

Mmmm, don't quite believe the part where you said you sat quietly without talking, June!!