Friday, 17 April 2015

The good things in life.....

Like a glorious sunrise - or at least early morning, somewhere near Tapanui - photo taken by son Phil.

Or things that make you smile, like the latest Christmas decorations my daughter in law bought,

or meeting with friends, how expressive are these hands!

the coffee mugs are still on the table as we discussed the best way to showcase some beautiful fabric - the final decision was to  let the ideas simmer........ often a good way I've found; keep an open mind and something will come to you.

Jan had brought along her latest top, she's recently discovered Mile a Minute - as we used to call them,

made with left overs from another quilt - bright and cheerful and great fun!

Another good thing is to go into a favourite quilt shop and see this sign -

Thirty percent off everything!  how good is that!?

And the not so good?  poor dear Basil is not well.  I said he had fallen off the back of the settee, well much to my horror I saw it happen one day, and he actually had a seizure, then another one as I nursed him on my lap which resulted in one badly clawed hand for me - poor Basil, just didn't know what was happening.

We've been to the vet and he's on medication, which means that he's either sleeping or looking very unhappy and having more seizures; he's also making lots of messes, so it's back to the vet for us and if they have no other suggestions, he'll be joining Floyd......

On the bright side I can always find some weird spelling somewhere to make me smile.  This at my local supermarket -

And today teaching quilting at the prison we had lots of laughs and it's great to see the progress being made.

After our glorious summer we then had such a cold snap, we wondered what had hit us, but at least in the Wellington region we didn't have actual snow - which Phil has had in the South Island, he saw this lovely little house and asked the owner for permission to take a photograph -

and two days later, the snow had all gone....... it was lovely to look at!

I've had a few health issues which we don't need to go into,  I'll just remember, "One joy scatters a hundred griefs." which is a Chinese proverb.

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Leeanne said...

Sorry to hear about your beloved cat. Love the sunrise photo. Looks like so much to be grateful of.
Lovely snowy scene, framed by a lovely red gate!

Pixie said...

get well lil Cat and friend of lil cat. geat quilt top and lil house in the snow. thanks for sharing

Ali Honey said...

Please get well, both of you.

Lovely red gate!
What was that sign supposed to say? I couldn't figure it out?