Monday, 23 March 2015


First the literal kind - Phil took this somewhere up near Rotorua.......

I've finally almost finished the second of the quilts made with blocks given to me at the end of my presidency of the Wellington Quilters Guild -

I didn't crop too closely so I could leave the 'insect' at the top - actually it's the handle of a cane basket but it made me do a double take when I saw the photograph!

This is what the members were told -

The label is a trifle creased - well so would you be after being folded for the last twenty years!!

I shall iron it carefully before I stitch it onto the back of this quilt, as it's the largest.

Even back then some people had difficulty with instructions..... and therefore I had problems with the sizes which varied from eight and a half inches to nine and a quarter -a bit too much to fudge, so I decided on the 'make it larger then cut it back' approach.

I laid out the blocks then realised I needed over seventy different fabrics that would go with the blocks - not to worry, plenty in my stash........

I particularly like the setting fabric - which really shows you the kind of pattern I like!

The measurements were a bit skewif but the fabric coped admirably!

And another,

And the back, I cut large squares of sympathetic fabrics -

I rather think some of them were bought to be made into blouses......

I've contented myself lately with working on some of the partially made Pet Pads, handed in when the maker leaves, either to go home or another part of the country - I told you we use the six and a half inch squares of cotton curtaining - well, we used to pre-cut lots of those for use in making our quilts for the Women's Refuge, mainly from remnants and that size? because of this -

my favourite ruler, still going strong.

Oh dear, just heard a crash and scrabble - Basil has fallen off his perch again -

I've put the little work basket closer, but I think I'll get the quilt off the spare bed to cushion his fall - the silly coot won't sleep on the seat.

I did consider making one of the modern quilt designs, you know, the simple cross and then I saw this

interesting variation I thought - then I read that it's apparently an Irish Chain and the magazine is the Australian Patchwork & Quilting 1996 Annual!

Now I want to share another couple of Phil's photographs, the first one he said was taken when there was mist on the shoot [filming]

And to finish, how could I not? with a sunrise on the lake

and the quote by George Bernard Shaw, "I never resist temptation because I have found that things that are bad for me never tempt me."

Thanks for reading my blog, we'll chat again soon,
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Nancy J said...

Basil's tail is a perfect image of his name, and Phil's photos, the lower one is Lake Tarawera, maybe taken somewhere near Stoney Point Reserve, the first one??? We lived there for 25 years, wish I had some photos from those glorious winter sunsets. Lovely blocks, June, bright and beautiful.

Nancy Bekofske said...

Beautiful quilt, beautiful photos. Always a joy to read your blog!

Leeanne said...

Magic photos! It must be the leather sofa, they are slippery, was your pussy cat OK? I bet he gave himself a fright. Your quilt looks great.