Thursday, 30 April 2015

So many good things

Phil took this photograph at Lake Te Anau, in the South Island, recently on a day trip to Milford Sounds - I just love the strippy look made by the sunlight through a break in the clouds.

I can look back on the fun I've had over the years with my two cats, Floyd and Basil - here's what they looked like in the early days -

Basil was always a bit of a scaredy cat, resting with his eyes open, but he loved to snuggle up in his last days - R.I.P. Basil Brush.......

I had to smile at this product -

Wrinkle remover - and for only six ninety nine - I've plenty of those, but not too sure what the Goo is that needs removing as well??

It was the monthly meeting of Pinestream Quilters recently and the club had made an Anzac Quilt, we contributed our blocks and a team made them up into the quilt which was presented to the Joint Forces at nearby Trentham, Military Camp.

Here's a close-up -

We were given the paisley fabric for the corners, the red and greens we provided - I think the sashing and the crosses emphasise the whole meaning of Anzac and the horror of war, especially WWI.

Here's the back - what a great contrast - the paisley represents the dirt and blood of the battlefield with the dove of peace rising above the carnage........

The quilt was presented on the morning of our meeting, then brought back so all the members could all see it.  I understand it's planned to be hung so both sides are visible.

During the evening we sat making poppies, either from felt or knitted/crocheted and at the end of the meeting had a wreath to be placed on the memorial.

Today the weather has turned cold, I mean bitter which is a horrid shock as it's been so mild - I think the plants are uncertain which season it is!  My h-a-h Peter says his apple tree has produced new blossoms and tiny marble size fruit!  At least there's colour, I couldn't resist the African marigolds in the garden centre; I remember the birds used to love eating the seeds, so Peter planted them so I can see them from the house -

and right beside them is  this lovely purple plant, don't know the name, I just love the two colours together.

You can also just see the stick showing the edge of where the bulbs are - grape hyacinths and jonquils which will be a pleasure to see in the spring.......

Recently I was invited to talk to Coastal Quilters about the Shut-in Stitchers, Janet who leads the team teaching in the Drug Treatment Unit of the prison was also invited, so we were able to give a complete picture.  The talk was very well received, we answered a few questions and we were then given a very generous donation towards the cost of buying batting etc.

I was interested in seeing their show and tell, particularly a couple of quilts that were different from the usual - here are two on the stand; a beautiful hexagon and a version of chinese coins to showcase NZ fabrics.

And a version of a crazy quilt, or mile a minute, set with a strippy sashing -

Really bright and colourful!

I've been doing some sewing, the binding is on the quilt I sandwiched recently, now I have to select the next top to be quilted........there's about sixty in the pile.........

With apologies to my dog loving friends, "Cats are smarter than dogs.  You can't get eight cats to pull a sled through snow",  Jeff Valdez and here's another photograph from Phil, taken one misty morning near Tapanui.

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Clare Moore said...

Lovely quilt show thanks June, and the photos are stunning too.

helen-mary said...

I think your mystery plant may be Spiderwort. And... I just love those fabulous photos.

Sharon Siacci said...

I am so glad you share Phil's photographs with us. They really are lovely.