Monday, 9 March 2015

Down in the Forest.........

Taken somewhere in the forests up north last week by Phil where Pete and the Dragon is being filmed, magical light isn't it?

At the last Capital Quilters meeting the block of the month was back to traditional - one of my favourites and this is how many blocks the lucky winner received -

The lady partially in the photo [my apologies] is responsible for our blocks of the month, we shall miss her input when she goes off the committee.  Is that one block that's not red? or a trick of the light?

A couple of months ago the block was set by another member, quite a different look which I also loved; not sure if I'll tackle a quilt of this as applique is not my strong suit........

Saturday was a full on day for me, into the prison for the 9am start of the quilting class, weather lovely when I left home but damp and windy and threatening the other side of the hills in Tawa - I was teaching alone - it sometimes works out like that - so was kept pretty busy as they are all at different stages with their quilts but we always have a good time with lots of laughs.

After the class it was into our fabric store to pack supplies for next week, batting to be cut, backing to be found and a whole colour scheme sorted for a new quilt; there again we, the tutors, help one another find just the right piece of fabric.

Then we moved into another part of the prison where we ate the lunch we had brought before we were joined by others and the twelve of us had the re-induction lecture/session.  Our permits to volunteer have to be renewed every two years so we had forms to fill in and this opportunity to discuss any aspect of the volunteering with an officer and the volunteer co-ordinator - it was a most worthwhile session.

If anyone would care to join us, I can email the forms to you...............

These billboards stretch along the front of the Horticultural Hall in Lower Hutt while the building is being altered, earthquake strengthened and renovated - the local schools have obviously had great fun -and I can see so many ideas for quilts .........

Doesn't this one look like a modern quilt ?

A bit of everything in this one with the mall and the marae, cinema and rugby posts, factory, bathing and even a kiwi!

I've done it again, taken a photo of a quilt - I had the maker's permission - and then forgot to make a note.........anyway, I want to share it with you because I so love the quilting.

A double row of hand quilting, using I think, pearl thread - obviously kiwiana - probably for someone in Australia!

 And now a couple of photos taken a few weeks ago by Phil of course, but around the Wellington region - these white rocks are amazing -

I'm sure there is a geological reason for them, but to come across them in the dark sand is definitely a surprise.

And a little further around the beach were these two locals -

for all the world looking as though they were enjoying a chinwag!

Nice chatting with you, thanks for reading my blog - and for your comments - as my quote for today says, "They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel." Carl W Buechner

Take care,


Nancy J said...

Yes, one block looks almost black. Trees with sunlight, stunning.

Leeanne said...

Once again stunning photo's!

Ali Honey said...

I love that quote, I love Phil's photos and I love the work you are doing in prison.
Also I love that different multi coloured quilting( and it's straight lines I could do! )