Saturday, 31 May 2014

Kapiti and Capital

I could have used one of these this afternoon - about half way through my walk actually!  Phil took this a couple of days ago after enjoying a coffee at a little cafe up the Kapiti coast.

I decided it was time I got more exercise and with the glorious day today, no wind! and bright sunshine, the thought crossed my mind that it would be a perfect chance to walk to the esplanade - and maybe even enjoy a coffee from the cart I've mentioned before........then I got a text and it was Phil, suggesting just that!  He does look after me........

I found it a bit difficult at first, the air was still but soooo cold  - using my scarf as a filter helped - even better was to stop talking! ummmm    We walked to the beach, then turned right, got our coffee then continued to the wharf - I've posted many photos taken by Phil in the past - many others had the same idea, families and dogs galore.  I admit half way home I could feel the results of unaccustomed exercise, at nearly 6k it's about the sum total of my walking for the past six months!

I mentioned it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago, this is the planter box I received -

I love those pansy faces - and in the garden I noticed another pink camellia - what a beautiful flower this is, I can forgive the pinkness!

It was Capital Quilters' meeting yesterday, as usual they had most interesting blocks of the month -

and the one for next month is fun -

I must have plenty of selvedges left on my old yardage!

I took particular notice of a quilt made by Sandra for a young man, we often get asked for fabric specifically for males at the prison, and it's sometimes difficult to get enough that doesn't have flowers on it!

Here's a closeup -

the woollen dark is so effective, don't you think?  I believe it was a kitset (or two)!

I think I'll have a hot shower before bed - a spa bath would be great - in my dreams! - my knees and hips are complaining about the well overdue exercise - I think Sir Walter Scott hit the nail on the head when he said, "Too much rest is rust".

Get a load of this lovely sunset, Phil took it from along the road from the chairs - please click on it to enlarge then you can see the full glory of the view of the south island.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the long weekend holiday [Queen's Birthday for non kiwis]
Take care,


Nancy Bekofske said...

A belated happy birthday! Love the pansies, a favorite of mine.

Adrienne said...

Wow! What a glorious sunset and I can see myself in those chairs right now! I love the "Guy" quilt you featured in this post. They can be a challenge sometimes :)