Saturday, 24 May 2014

Don't mention the weather.....

......because today ain't nothing like this!  Phil took this one day last week in the 'Rapa so beautiful and peaceful with little cotton balls of can fill in the gaps saying what the weather is like today at your place.

We had another good day at the prison quilting yesterday - and I was delighted when one of the women told me she was making another cat quilt - this is the miniature we use as a teaching aid; the little quilt is made using curtain squares so we can cover cutting, sewing an accurate seam, measuring for a border then machine quilting and binding - done on a little piece that covers the basics before they start on a queen size one, which is the usual first quilt size they ask to do!  They do get satisfaction when the little one is completed and now that we have offcuts of polar fleece for the backing, they are perfect pet quilts.

I took this one along to the meeting at Pinestream and at her request will donate it to the local SPCA Op shop in Petone -

Also at the meeting were several quilts made by members to donate to the current charity, IDEA Services home; we are making the quilts for a specific person, my nominee likes nature and walking so the Rainforest quilt should fill the bill -

I hope she enjoys using it, either side!

Our speakers for the evening were Fabric by three - familiar faces from the Wellington area quilting scene - good to see those who are taking their passion to another level.

I've always loved "home" dyed fabric - you know what I mean.  And the other string to their bow is the range of patterns -

You can see the samples in the front, and behind them two more quilts for IDEA - two males who love cats and dogs.

This quilt for donation gives me some ideas for a  bland one I have - the only time I won block of the month!
The addition of the stylised flowers and border really make this quilt sing, don't you think?

I don't read nearly as much these days as I used to but I'm working on that because I do love a good book.  I was lent one a couple of weeks ago and persevered, probably the subject matter was not my favourite - set in France and with much relevance to the Vichy government during WWII, I remember my parents talking about also covered anti Jew atrocities which I find most difficult to read about - added to which the 'hero' was a wimp [that's ok, we can't all be heroes] but his sex drive was inappropriate and wishful thinking..........add to that I can't even remember the name of the book or the author......

I am now starting to read one of my favourite authors, Margaret Forster - I just loved "Have the men had enough?" and "The Battle for Christabel", so I have high hopes for this one -

Another spooky quotation, spooky because of what I've just written and when I opened the quotations app on my iPad, here it is, "These are not books, lumps of lifeless paper, but minds alive on the shelves." Gilbert Highet

So I'll leave you for now with another photo from Phil, one he took after climbing to the top of Kupe's sail at Cape Palliser - wow, what a view....

Thanks for stopping by, take care

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