Saturday, 7 June 2014

Dog, cat and earrings

Here's the dog - amazing rock formation near Waitomo, photo taken by my son Phil a few weeks ago. Reminds me of the games we used to play trying to form recognisable animals as shadows on a wall.   I think a butterfly was the best I could do - lock thumbs and wiggle the 'hands' for wings.......

I was looking for a pair of earrings recently, retro ones in a particular orange and green, so out came a couple of containers from the cupboards under the wardrobe [yes, an actual wooden wardrobe with curved sides, a mirror that takes me down two dress sizes, a drawer in the centre and two cupboards with curved doors on either side] and there it was -

a little battered, metal and bought at a jumble sale in England in the eighties on one of my family visits.

It's a cigarette box [I became a non smoker in 1976 - June the 16th to be exact!] but I loved the box, and had to have it for the box of matches and the slogan - looks like I paid three pound for it.

The slogan says "Craven "A" will not affect your throat" - hmmmmmmm

At the end of the road where I lived in Selsey, was a shop; actually an ordinary house where they had turned part of the ground floor into a shop - sort of like a dairy nowadays, no idea if it's still there - but on the end of the wall of the house, with maximum frontage was a huge metal sign of just that red matchbox - I used to read it every day and I remember having difficulty when I was little with the word 'throat' - funny, the things we recall from childhood.

At the meeting of Capital Quilters recently a donation was made to the Shut-in Stitchers - a large bag of  mainly fabric, on the top was a large piece of beautiful, paisley style which is much in demand among some of the women.

I noticed a bit sticking out the side and when I opened out the fabric, there was more....

All those little triangles, so nearly joined and carefully ironed, so I turned it over -

Oh my goodness, it's a kind of Stack and Whack, isn't it?

The same number of strips that have been joined are waiting to be sewn together - I'll have to find one of the women who has the skills to finish this - wish me luck!

 - How funny, I've just opened my quotation app and it says, "A problem is a chance for you to do your best." Duke Ellington - no way I'm going to finish sewing this!

In the middle of this long gravel beach stood a group of three 8 foot tall rocks. 
After a monster southerly storm and a few earthquakes here last year, the middle one was swallowed by the Cook strait.
At a slow 5th of a second shutter speed, one of the two remaining rocks gains salty wings.
Wainui Coast, Wellington.

And the earrings - very prosaic, but pretty I think - well maybe pretty is the wrong word, but they do make a statement!

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Nancy J said...

Paisley, wow, how that takes me back to the days when I made all our clothes, yes even Hugh's work shirts and shorts!!! I think my Mum had a dress from some fabric, but in blues and mauve, like this design. The rock and wings, super. Cheers, Jean.

Jan said...

Paisley used to be one of my favourites had many a love the earrings...